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A Sincere Show By Malladi Brothers
By Sudha Jagannathan
Wednesday, 03 January , 2007, 11:44
Last Updated: Tuesday, 06 February , 2007, 15:30

There was warmth in their music, enthusiasm in their presentation and assertion in their delivery. The Malladi Brothers - Sri Rama Prasad and Ravi Kumar – gave a quality concert for Sri Krishna Gana Sabha on December 31,2006. The song selection showed up their `thinking’ minds. On the final morning of 2006, the brothers warmed the hearts and won the minds of the rasikas with sincere singing and involved dedication. Ravi Kumar’s alap in Devagandhari was captivating. He traveled the octaves with rich sancharas and brought the swaroopa of the raga with quite deftness.

They sprang surprise on the audience when they chose Dikshitar’s “Kaya Rohanesham Bhajare…” laden with good sahityam. Dikshitar had employed three madhyamakala sahityams to add to the beauty of this kriti. The duo presented this kriti with lot of dedication, interspersing it with swara prastaras. They did a niraval with “Nilayadakshi Manolasa Karanam” in fast and slow kalapramanams (tempos) admirably. This was followed by an alap in Sama (rakti raga) by Ravikumar. The raga dissertation glowed with pride, as the artiste traversed the octaves with dedication and enterprise. Thyagaraja ’s “Etulaina Bhakti Vatsulaku” was given a fine treatment by the brothers.

Both excel in presenting Thyagaraja kritis. This is not surprising since they had advanced training from Sangitha Kalanidhi Nedunuri Krishnamurthy. “Panipathi Shayi”(Thyagaraja) in the 19th mela raga Jhankaradhwani was rendered with poise. It served as a learning experience for the connoisseurs since such rare raga kritis are not often heard in concert circuits. As he did an alap in Begada, the ever so pleasing raga, Ravi Kumar did create an impact on the audience as he gave a very good raga exposition with his inventive skill. Thyagaraja’s “Nadopasana” was rendered with utmost bhava and felicity. The duo did a niraval at “Mantratmulu Yantra Tantratmulu Mari” and embellished it with swaras. The fag-end pieces “Adum Chidambaram” of Gopalakrishna Bharathi in Bihag; “Nandanandana Gopala”(Maand) of Narayana Tirtha; and Rama Rama Mukuntha served to provide pleasant listening experience for the assembled.

Percussion artistes M.L.N.Raju on Mridangam and N.Guruprasad on Ghatam played the tani with good korvais adding pep to the concert. Violinist M.A.Sundereasan followed the artistes smoothly.

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