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Ramzan disasters!
By Moviebuzz
Monday, 01 December , 2003, 12:18
Last Updated: Tuesday, 02 December , 2003, 09:07

All the Malayalam films released for the Ramzan festival - Hariharan Pilla Happy Aanu, Mullavalliyum Thenmavum, Ammakilikoodu, Valathottu Thirinjal Nalamathe Veedu and War And Love have taken a beating at the Kerala box-office.

Except for War And Love, the others have even failed to take an opening. Mohanlal’s Hariharan Pilla Happy Aanu has made his well-wishers and fans totally unhappy. The film could not manage to get the famous “Mohanlal initial” at the box-office, which comes as bad news for the superstar.

Mullavalliyum Thenmavum, the experimental romantic tale could not be grasped by the ordinary viewer, as there was no story to tell and the film is a total washout. It was “holdover” (trade term for minimum collections for the film to be removed) at all stations on the second day of release!

The weepy Ammakilikoodu, was slightly better though it has also become “holdover” by the third day! This sob story has not been able to bring in the targeted lady audience to the theatres, as they preferred to watch mega serials on Television in the same genre.

Valathottu Thirijal Nalamathe Veedu is a clean comedy that released without any fanfare or publicity. It is also a washout!

Vinayan’s War And Love which was in the making for the last four years finally made it to the halls three days after Ramzan. This film has opened well though the audience feel that the film has too may flaws with a lot of unabashed jingoism and unbelievable pop patriotism. But by Sunday, at Ernakulam Saritha it was running to only 60 percent of the capacity. It will be a miracle if the film scrapes through and recovers the cost of production.

The Ramzan releases have created a major blow to the Malayalam industry, which is reeling under flop after flop. Remember in 2003, so far only Thilakkam, CID Moosa and Balettan have made money out of the 45 odd releases!

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