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Stars speak about Dasavatharam

By Moviebuzz
Sunday, 08 June , 2008, 19:51
Last Updated: Sunday, 08 June , 2008, 22:01

Asin-The heroine of Dasavatharam
I am keeping my fingers crossed. I am so happy that I have been a part of such a great film like Dasavatharam. It was a great honour for me to work with a legend called Kamal Hassan. I have already made arrangements to get tickets at PVR in Mumbai and watch the film with my parents on 13th morning. I also plan to come to Chennai and see it with the audiences.

Santhosh Sivan-
I never go to theatres and watch films. Recently in New York, a lot of my friends asked me if I had chance to see a sneak preview of Dasavatharam? I would like to see the film if there is a premiere. Why I like to watch it is, for the kind of passion that Mr Kamal Hassan has to his work and the 10 roles that he has done in the film. I canít figure out what these 10 roles are?

I saw the trailer and was spell bound. It shows all the hard work that all the artists and crew have taken in making the magnum opus. Kamal sir looks amazing and it's not a joke playing 10 roles in a film. The film is sure to make Tamil film industry proud. Asin looks nice in the Brahmin get up and I love the song Ulaganayakane song. As of now, I will not be in Chennai on the releasing weekend but will surely see the film where ever I am.

I am a big fan of Kamalji and have seen all his films. Dasavatharam is going to be the biggest film of the year and how can I miss it? I will be on location in Hyderabad for a Telugu film. I don't plan to see it there as I want to watch the Tamil version in Chennai. The trailer looks amazing and the songs are rocking.

Sruthi Hassan-
Like everybody, I am also eagerly waiting to watch Dasavatharam. My gut feeling is that it will truly be an experience and it will be a wholesome entertainer for the entire family. I canít say that my dad worked hard for Dasavatharam as he works in the same manner for all his films. He is committed and gives 100 percent of hard work to all his films. I will be watching the premiere of the film but will also see with the audiences in a theatre on the opening day.

Dasavatharam is a big-budget film which will make the Tamil film industry proud. I wish and pray that it becomes a huge hit which will auger well for the film trade. I will watch the film with the public at Devi, in Chennai a theatre which will give you the pulse of the audience. I am curious about what the 10 roles are?

Kamal Haasan is the most versatile actor in India. I have enjoyed working with him especially in the comedies we did together. What I like most about Kamal is that he experiments with every single movie and thatís what made him what he is today. He is not bound by the confines of Tamil Nadu and is recognised across the globe. I will definitely watch Dasavatharam on the very first day.

When it comes to Kamal films I am just another ordinary fan who would like to go watch his films first day first show. My role model and inspiration has been Kamal sir. And to do 10 roles in a single filmÖ my God I canít imagine doing such a thing in my career. On release day I will be shooting for a Malayalam film in Kochi. So itís doubtful if I can make it for the first show, but definitely I will watch the film, after pack up on 13th for sure. Nothing like watching a Kamal film on the big screen with the public.

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