51 laser projectors used in giving Sardar Patel's Statue of Unity colors and effects

Last Updated: Fri, Nov 02, 2018 20:20 hrs
Statue of Unity

On Wednesday, India woke up to being reckoned as the land of the tallest statue in the World. The Statue of Unity, a massive 182 metre tall statue, erected as a mark of respect to freedom fighter Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

The tall statue that has lent India the title of the World's tallest Statue, however, came to life much earlier in the evening, when a laser show beamed on the Statue, a never-seen visual treat.

Tourists and attendants during the evening were enthralled to an AV projection that took them through the freedom-fighter's journey. The impressive mix of laser and light-induced graphics and storytelling left viewers spellbound.

Reports say 70,000 tonnes of Cement, 18,500 tonnes of reinforced steel, 6000 tonnes of structural steel and 1700 metric tonnes of Bronze went into making the 182 m tall statue. However, the credit for the lightings and the laser show that lent perspective to India's latest pride goes to an American company- Christie.

The laser projectors that have instilled life into the statue, and the projection mapping showcase, a spectacle on the newly-innaugrated Statue have been installed by Christie.

In a note shared with Sify.com, developers of the projector system said, "The spectacle is accomplished by Christie's valued Indian partner Pyramid Technologies and renowned German laser show producer HB-Laser using a total of 51 Christie Crimson 3DLP laser projectors."

Here is a video of the laser show:

Christie officials also explained on the complications of setting the projectors.

The installation and alignment of the projectors had to be completed in less than a week following the final touches made to the statue.

All 51 Crimson WU25 projectors used for the 30-minute light and sound show were housed in a specialized enclosure customized to suit the enormity of the application, and fitted in a projection room located nearly 600 meters away from the monument.

Specialized mirror mechanisms enabled the Crimson projectors to display colorful visuals on the statue from a far throw distance.

In a previous interaction, officials from Christie explained that Christie projection systems have had a use in places which required tough projection systems. Such projectors have been used by theme parks such as DisneyLand. In India, Christie's such projectors had been used by Adlabs Imagica and Wonder La (Hyderabad).

Ajay Parwaney, Managing Director for Pyramid Technologies said, "We are honored to be involved in this monumental project from the conceptual stage, during which we participated in a detailed projection study that resulted in the Crimson Series emerging as the preferred choice of projectors for the projection mapping showcase on the Statue of Unity."

For those wanting to know how a Christie projector looks, here is an image:

Parwaney further added that the Christie Crimson was selected due to a number of reasons, such as IP5X-sealed, solid-state laser light source in a rugged and compact chassis, and its ability to provide years of reliable and virtually maintenance-free operation.

"These specifications are important to the client as the required projection systems need to withstand inclement weather conditions. On top of that, the availability of the longest throw lens that can project bright and vivid images on this 182-meter high statue was another major reason why the Christie Crimson clinched the job for this project," he said.

Harold Bohlinger, Managing Director, HB-Laser, said that HB-Laser was honored to celebrate the life and achievements of Sardar Patel through the design of an exciting laser light show. "By combining and synchronizing the various multimedia elements together, we are able to tell the inspiring life story of the visionary Indian leader in an engaging manner, whilst delivering a massive multisensory impact to spectators," he says.

"We are absolutely delighted that the Christie Crimson Series has been chosen to illuminate the Statue of Unity, which is a symbol of India's unity and integrity and a fitting tribute to one of India's most respected statesmen in modern times," said Sean James, Executive Vice President, Enterprise & Entertainment at Christie.