Answers to last week`s quiz (#282)

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p pol liemWhose products also have a range of brands that go by the names Chant Bag of Rhythm and Get up Stand upembr strongAudio products from the House of Marley set up by Bob Marley&rsquos son Rohan Marley Bob Marley named his son after the famous West Indian Cricketer Rohan Kanhai strongbr  li liemThis question is part of which company&rsquos interview process&mdash &ldquoIf your flight got cancelled and you were stuck in the airport for three hours with this guy or this girl how happy would you be about that&rdquo What name is given to itembr strongThe Airport test administered by Google strongbr  li liemWhat is the term used for selling products that are custom created typically with images from the customers 3D printers are coming in handy for such purposesembr strongMe-tailing Retailing in a Social networking era strongbr  li liemWho is promoting research into using unmanned aerial vehicles UAVs to deliver vaccines to remote populations embr strongThe Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation strongbr  li liemWhat is common to Ironhead Knucklehead Hummer Panhead and Shovelhead embr strongAll names of Harley Davidson motorbike engines strongbr  li liemThe senior executives of which company are forced to read documents called &ldquonarratives&rdquo during their meetings instead of flipping through power point presentations Name the company and its CEO who established this practiceem br strongAmazon Jeff Bezos insists that meetings of his senior team of executives begin with participants quietly absorbing the written word in the form of printed memos His team calls them the narratives strongbr  li liemConnect the Tata Nano Maruti A-Star and the Honda CBR 250cc motorcycle and what to you arrive atembr strongThey were all recalled by their respective manufacturers to replace defects in India The Honda CRBR 250cc motorcycles recall recently is the first in the two wheeler category in India strongbr  li liemName the brand which ran its ad campaigns in the US with the following lines &ndash &lsquocheap and ugly does it&rsquo and &lsquowhen you get it you get it&rsquoem br strongThe Japanese car brand Subaru strongbr  li liemWho said this about whom &ldquoYou should invest in a business that even a fool can run because someday a fool will&rdquo embr strongBill Gates said this about Warren Buffet in 1996 strongbr  li liemIdentify the images and establish the connection between themem br strongThe first visual that carries the image of a pencil sharpener is a postage stamp released in the US in honour of Raymond Loewy the famous design legend The shell logo and the Coco Cola bottle are one of his noteworthy designs in use even today The current logo of Spar supermarket chain in the second visual was created by him in 1968strong br br  liolp aligncentertable cellpadding2 width100 bgcolore4eaed border0 tbody tr td p alignjustifyfont faceTAHOMA size2There was no correct entry for The Strategist quiz 282fontp td tr tbodytablep

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