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  1. This privately held MNC is known to be most insular and secretive. It claims 200 million consumer transactions a day. Its owners (who are part of the board and management team) though officially called associates by its employees are also known as Martians. Name the company


    Mars, the 3rd largest private company in the US and the worlds leading chocolate, food and pet care company.


  2. Connect the songs written and sung by rock stars Bruce Springsteen and Prince with a car company and its respective brands.


    Bruce Springsteen wrote the songs Pink Cadillac and Cadillac Ranch. Prince'sLittle Red Corvette,which was released in 1982 was the second single of the famous album 1999. Both cars are made by General Motors.


  3. During the 80s which American CEO said the ideal strategy for a global company would be to put every factory it owned on a barge and float it around the world, taking advantage of short-term changes in economies and exchange rates?


    Jack Welch when he was CEO of GE.


  4. Name the company whose CEO uses his pet name for his staff and addresses them as Fellow Aliren also name the CEO.


    Jack Ma of Alibaba, Chinas biggest e-commerce firm.


  5. Name this group which started in the early 70s and focused on how European firms could catch up with the US management practices. It also developed and promoted the stakeholder approach, which based corporate success on managers taking account of all interests: not merely shareholders, clients and customers, but employees and the communities within which they operate, including the government.


    TheWorld Economic Forum. It was first conceived in January 1971 when a group of European business leaders met under the patronage of the European Commission and European industrial associations. German-born Klaus Schwab, then professor of business policy at the University of Geneva, chaired the gathering, which took place in Davos, Switzerland


  6. In which country do people save money in informal interest free savings circles, called ballot committees? They are generally run by housewives, students, shopkeepers, high society ladies.


    Pakistan. In India it is known as the chit system and the entities involved in this are called chit funds.


  7. Name the marketing term that refers to the practice of placing direct marketing material into other business envelopes? Ex: Mail order brochures being sent with credit card statements.


    Piggy Backing.


  8. Name this company and its chairman, who in the mid 90s distributed the company’s newly launched electronic products as new year presents. However, he set the company’s inventory on fire when he heard that the products didn’t work well. After this incident, the company started producing best-in-class products. One of them was the world’s first MP3 phone.


    Kun Hee Lee of Samsung.


  9. Which brand is devoted to denim and dedicated to style since 1908?


    Lee Cooper


  10. Identify this organisation that ensures that the common man has access to the broadest range of goods and services at the most competitive prices.


    The Competition Commission of India


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