Brookfield Global Relocation Services’ Intercultural Group Celebrates 50 Years of Leadership in Intercultural Training Services – Preparing Hundreds of Thousands of People to Live and Work in over a Hundred Different Countries

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 29, 2013 18:10 hrs

Woodridge, Illinois, United States:

Brookfield Global Relocation Services proudly announces that its Intercultural Group celebrates its 50 year anniversary as a premier intercultural training organization. Our intercultural training experts help our clients develop the intercultural competencies their employees need to effectively communicate, interact and work across cultures. The Intercultural Group attributes its longevity to thought leadership, proprietary research-based training methodology and the integration of leading edge products. Brookfield Global Relocation Services’ Intercultural Group marks its 50th anniversary with experience training clients to live and work in over 120 countries and a global network of over 250 active trainers. Originally founded as CRE in 1963, the company operated as the largest intercultural service contractor to the American Peace Corps and the US Navy. During the 1980s, the organization expanded its focus to the global business environment and has been training employees of Fortune 500 companies ever since.

“Moving to a foreign location can be a stressful process,” said Scott Sullivan, executive vice president, Brookfield Global Relocation Services. “Over the last 50 years the Intercultural Group has pioneered the right combination of assessment, training and coaching to maximize the success for globally mobile employees and their families. Our proprietary intercultural training prepares a transferring employee and their family by providing them with the awareness, knowledge and skills needed to adapt to living and working in a new location. This support also benefits employers by helping to ensure a successful transition for the entire family to avoid potentially time consuming and costly mistakes of a failed assignment.”

With the experience of a half-century of leadership in inter-cultural training, the Brookfield Global Relocation Services Intercultural Group has been able to refine and expand its support of organizations with talent management, mobility initiatives and international assignments. Today, this expanded scope includes candidate assessment and selection, international assignment training programs for adults and children, repatriation training programs, business training, team building and cultural coaching. Of significant importance is the commitment to on-going research to keep abreast of trends in both intercultural research and the global business environment. Meeting the needs of a wide spectrum of employees is achieved through a varietyof formats from classroom training and individual coaching to virtual webinars and online training. This commitment assures that all programs include cutting-edge training materials and online resources.

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