Innovation Talk at T`puram

Innovation Talk at T'puram

Last Updated: Sun, Feb 10, 2013 21:01 hrs

The first-ever INK Talk’ (Innovational Talk) in Thiruvananthapuram, hosted by Asian School of Business (ASB), brought together a creative amalgamation of thought leaders.

Held ahead of the INK Conference scheduled in Kochi from October 25 to 27, the annual conference to be conducted in association with Technology Entertainment and Design session will have 70 talks and performances that will bring success stories in different fields to the fore.

Neonatologist Nitin Ron said the Himalayas were a source of unending inspiration and he was currently working on a research project to understand how yoga breathing and meditation can help overcome mountain sickness by improving the lung capacity and brain function.

Shubhendu Sharma, founder of Bangalore-based Afforest and an INK Fellow, spoke about the efforts made by him and his team to create 100-year-old forests in densely populated cities. Sharma’s method, which follows the tenets of Survival of the fittest’ and Principles of Natural Selection’, involves densely planting 50-100 different species, at 3-5 trees per in treated soil.

He  said, “If we can move mountains to extract metal, scrape earth for oil and dump toxic waste in our land, we can create forests on barren lands.  We have come to a stage when we are making 114 cars in a minute and losing 36 football fields of forests globally in the same time.”

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