My Life My Style: Chetan Bhagat

Last Updated: Fri, Jan 25, 2013 20:20 hrs

Best work moment:
When I get feedback that my writing meant something to people or had an impact.

Books on your bedside:
The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid

Massage or workout to de-stress:
I like to run, which is a great stress reliever.

Designs that have caught your eye recently:
The new superthin Apple desktop. The new Vespa scooter (what I have)

Your IT tools:

Macbook Air laptop. iMac Desktops. Huawei phones and datacards.

Favourite spirit:
Wine — red, white or sparkling, though I don't drink that much.

Favourite wine:
A variety of good Australian wines.

Favourite champagne:
Moet and Chandon. Even Italian sparkling Prossecos are great

Your sleeping ritual:
Prayers. Complete darkness. Keeping the phone in the other room.

Favourite TV show:
Grey’s Anatomy. Prime time news. Sienfeld

Best gift received:
The promo of Kai Po Che, based on my book 3 Mistakes of My Life, which director Abhishek Kapoor called me to see at 1 am.

Best gift given:
Surprise trip to Paris for my wife on her 30th birthday.

Favourite cuisine:

What food items do you like to shop for?
Bread. Breakfast cereals. Candies for my kids (and myself!)

Newspaper TV channels and websites you prefer:
The Times of India, all news channels, Twitter

Where do you like to sit when being driven? Upfront with driver or back-seat like sahib?
If I want to listen to music and control the music player, in front. If I want to make calls, then in the back-seat.

On a plane do you prefer to network, sleep or catch up on films and reading?
Neither. I prefer to work. It is the only place without cellular network and wi-fi.

Fancy coffee or masala tea:
Good masala tea, though it is extremely rare. But I also like well made coffee.

What do you cook on your day off:
Usually smoothies and salads.

Are you a beach or mountain person?
Beach person.

Your favourite city?
Mumbai. That is why I live here.

What’s your fragrance?
Cool Water

You get your work clothes from:
I have a tailor in Hong Kong from my banking days. Still use him to make my suits.

The shoemaker you trust your sole with?

Your shaving mantra:
I always prefer the barber shops. I consider someone shaving you as one of the big perks and reasons to live in India.

Your favourite evening wear?
I like wearing suits, a legacy from my banking days. Though I don’t wear a tie much.

What’s your weekday breakfast like? And weekend?
Weekday breakfast is just tea and biscuits or egg whites. Weekends can get a little more decadent with granola, fruit or muffins.

Your current set of wheels:
Mercedes Benz

God for you is…
Something it is worth having faith in, as it makes you more accountable, less egoistical and thus a better person.

Favourite café:
Too many, but Suzette near my house is quite nice.

Favourite restaurant:
Nobu in Hong Kong

Workday lunch is:
A hole in the wall place near my office that serves home made phulkas and chicken curry.

Your ideal holiday:
A place with interesting eating and cultural options; and great weather. New York City for instance.

Your ideal dance music:
Some of the Bollywood tracks work quite well. That “Subah Hone Na De” track still gets everyone going.

At parties do you like to talk turkey or make PC?
It depends if I get inspiring company, which is rare, but if I do I talk a lot. If not, I’d prefer Angry Birds.

A few of your goddesses are:
You mean in my religion? Or women who are beauty goddesses? I have a set of each.

Alpha males you know:
Oh don’t even ask. Just come to my gym.

Your favourite motto:
Don’t be serious. Be sincere.

Chetan Bhagat

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