Solid waste management project not yielding 'desired results'

Last Updated: Thu, Jan 31, 2013 19:12 hrs

The solid waste management (SWM) projects in Uttarakhand under the public private partnership (PPP) are not yielding satisfactory results despite a series of review meetings by top government officials.

Under the Rs 50 crore Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission (JNNURM) scheme, the government awarded contracts to private companies for picking up wastes from thethree cities of Dehradun, Haridwar and Nainital. All the projects have been delayed considerably.

After a series of review meetings, the government has found the performance of these companies was not satisfactory. “The performance of these companies was not satisfactory. We have asked the District Magistrates to strictly monitor their performance in order to get better results,” said Radhika Jha, additional secretary urban development.

Under the scheme, the project for the solid waste management of Dehradun city has been given to SPML company through a tendering process. After signing of the agreement on March 3, 2011, SPML began picking up waste from 45 wards of the city through door-to-door service in 45 wards. However, the government has now increased the scope of the project by adding 15 more wards since December last.

“Now SPML will pick up waste from 60 wards,” said Jha.

But experts said the company is not providing any relevant data related to the project to the government. “There is no monitoring and evaluation of the SWM project through which we can find out what exactly is happening in Dehradun,” said a government official.

On the other hand, SPML has complained that the government has not provided any land-fill for dumping waste.

In the lake city of Nainital, A2Z company has now started picking up waste after dillydallying for more than one year. “The A2Z wanted some changes in terms and conditions. But we have refused and warned that it must work under all those terms and conditions for which it had agreed to,” said Jha.

In the holy city of Haridwar, KRL Infratech Ltd has been given the contract to pick up waste through a High Court decision. “The Haridwar project was delayed due to litigation,” said Jha. The government had earlier ignored the lowest bidder and instead awarded the project to A2Z. But KRL, the lowest bidder approached the High Court and won the legal battle.

“Now that these projects have started, we are hopeful that these SWM projects will give better results in Uttarakhand,” said Jha.

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