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Dear Students,

LAST WEEK WE ASKED: Do you think more skills varsities should be launched to enhance employability?


There is a widening gap between the technical education and the employability needs of the industry. India is going to become the largest workforce by 2025. According to the surveys, every year lakhs of students pass out from the universities but  hardly 20 per cent of them are employable. The skill varsities will help the students to know the latest trends, technologies and equipment that are being used in the industry and get trained in the same. Moreover, it will act as catalyst to boost up the need of skilled personnel in the industries.

- Debayan Daw, ITM University, Gurgaon.


Employability issue has been a core issue nowadays everywhere. There are many universities providing various skills to the students but the problem arises because there is no work related learning. Universities focuses on academic heroes and not on their interests and skill sets. Universities instead should build more industry relations and links. They should take into account the students future employment needs and then train them accordingly.They should prepare their curriculum which enhances employ-ability opportunities and should set a generally accepted skill set for the students.

- Hetal Porwal, IBS-Ahmedabad.

At present, major percentage of the freshers added every year, lack sufficient skills to be employed directly. Hence companies need to provide training in the initial stages in-order to fulfill their objectives through them. Thus, optimal solution lies in opening more and more of skills varsities which will obviously enhance employability. It can serve as a medium to new graduates by supplying required skills along with that reducing unnecessary burden on the companies to train freshers. Such a move will not only save time, burden for both students and employer but also improve upon the productivity of the masses.

- Shivam Chhabra, Integral University, Lucknow.

If more skills varsities are opened it will have a great employment opportunities, because it will have a skill employers for which there is always demand. The employment ratio will have also be higher it will have great effect on country’s economy. Skills universities are always be aiming to give a practical knowledge to the students so they can be able to maintain the job, as of today’s scenario in cooperate is to get the job is easy but to maintain is very hard.  Students to study in skills universities it will be great opportunities to get employed very fast.

- Vishal Rajai, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

More skills varsities shall be opened to enhance employability because they will help students acquire soft skills other than hard skills. Since now-a-days, more importance is given to the soft skills, the students are struggling hard to develop these and get their tasks done. These can be developed by varsities having been specialised in the same. These varsities would help them to create a realistic problem solving approach rather than just a conceptual based approach which are taught in institutes where the students are pursuing their graduation and post graduation courses. Such varsities must be government aided so that it will prove beneficial for the students who cannot afford to pay high fees.

- Kavita Oswal, Vishwakarma Institute of Management. Pune.

Undoubtedly, many graduates are finding it hard to get a job. Some blame the weak economy; others are wondering whether they chose the wrong stream. Yet even business graduates - who have studied finance, law, marketing and HR - are hitting a brick wall when it comes to landing a job. This shows that not only what you study is important but also the skills you have. More and more universities should be opened and the training of various skills should be given. It cannot be only studying or only skills it should be the mixture of both. The problem, for many graduates, is that employers are not just looking for technical or academic ability; they're looking for candidates who will be a good fit in their organization.

- Lokesh Pravin Jain, Vishwakarma Institute Of Management, Pune.

The skill sets required to enhance an employability are Good Disposition, management skills, Team Player, Good Communication, analytical skill etc, along with technical skills. We have well established university to impart Technical Skills, so it would be better to change the curriculum and imbibe these skill sets in our existing curriculum. We can overhaul our education system to include more soft skill in our curriculum from the school level itself where more importance is being given to marks only. As huge investment is required in setting up university hence it imperative to use existing infrastructure in the best way.

- Nilaya Mitash Shanker, IIT Roorkee.

Skills varsities will definitely work to enhance the analytical skills,communication skills,verbal skills,and moreover technical skills and then this will together emerge as skillful labour force that will directly help our economy to have consistent and sustainable growth pattern.

- Satwik Kant, Birla Institute of Management and Technology,Greater Noida.

India is blessed with labor force but it cannot leveraged these potential due to non availability of skilled workers in the country.These result in unemployment of man power in the country.In order to have a multiplier effect,these man power should be shaped according to the requirements of the industry by these skills varsities.Thus opening of skills varsities will not only enhance the employability but also the rough talent of India will get polished too.

- Harsh Mehta, St. Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad.

Opening more and more skill varsities would surely enhance a person's employability, especially for those who are not that qualified or very poorly informed. In today's scenario just being knowledgeable is not enough. Having right skills to showcase your knowledge and then prove your worth is a task every person faces. Moreover every work has become too specific.

- Abhishek Bhaud, Sinhagad Institute of Business Management, Mumbai.

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