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Last Updated: Thu, Nov 22, 2012 18:00 hrs

Current: 5,615 (fut: 5,620)
Target: NA
A swing session could take the index till either 5,550 or 5,675. Stop loss shorts at 5,650 and stop loss long positions at 5,580. A strangle of long 5500p (8) and long 5700c (12) is cheap but risky due to expiry, gaining only if the Nifty moves beyond 5,480 or 5,720 by November 27.

Current price: Rs 1,045
Target price: Rs 1,065

The stock has a potential upside till Rs 1,065-1,075. Keep a stop at Rs 1,030 and go long. Add to the position between Rs 1,050-1,060. Book profits above Rs 1,065.

Current price: Rs 223
Target price: Rs 212
The stock hit a new low at Rs 220-221. If it falls below Rs 219, it could drop till Rs 205 and the minimum target would be Rs 210-212. Keep a stop at Rs 228 and go short. Add to the position between Rs 217-219. Book profits below Rs 212.

Current price: Rs 525
Target price: Rs 535
The stock could move till Rs 535-540. Keep a stop at Rs 520 and go long. Add to the position between Rs 527-530. Book profits above Rs 535.

Current price: Rs 162
Target price: Rs 158
The stock saw heavy selling. It could fall till Rs 155-157. Keep a stop at Rs 165 and short. Add to the position between Rs 159-161. Book profits below Rs 158.

The target price and projected movements given above are in terms of the next one trading session, unless otherwise stated

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  Cities   Price (10g)
  Chennai   Rs. 24500.00 (-0.33%)
  Mumbai   Rs. 25480.00 (-0.08%)
  Delhi   Rs. 25200.00 (0%)
  Kolkata   Rs. 25000.00 (0%)
  Kerala   Rs. 24400.00 (-0.41%)
  Bangalore   Rs. 24450.00 (0%)
  Hyderabad   Rs. 24580.00 (0%)
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