US judge rejects Apple's bid to increase $1.05 bln fine on Samsung

Last Updated: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 10:30 hrs

A US judge has rejected Apple's demand to increase the 1.05 billion US dollar damages a jury ordered Samsung to pay the iPhone maker.

US District Judge Lucy Koh also rejected demands from both companies to conduct another trial on different issues over claims that the Galaxy smartphone manufacturer unfairly used technology controlled by Apple to build its iPads and iPhones to market knock-off products.

A jury in August found that Samsung 'infringed' six Apple patents to create and market 26 models of smartphones and computer tablets and ordered the damages award, the Daily Express reports.

The jury found several other older Samsung products did not infringe any Apple patents.

According to the report, earlier, the judge refused to block sales of the infringing products in the US after she said Apple failed to show consumer demand for the Samsung devices was driven by the purloined technology, including the 'pinch-to-zoom' function.

Apple is appealing against that decision, the report said.

Samsung contends that only three of the 26 older-generation products are still offered for sale in the United Sates, it added.

Meanwhile, Apple has filed a new lawsuit contending that Samsung's current products are also using Apple technology.

According to the report, a trial for that matter is scheduled in 2014. (ANI)

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