Action man

Last Updated: Wed, Oct 24, 2012 20:51 hrs

Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal are not the only ones working in their own unique ways to clean up the Indian political system. It turns out that the 88-year-old Congressman, Mohan Dharia, one of the Young Turks who opposed the Emergency and was jailed for his pains, is also doing his bit — at least according to a press release from National Panthers Party (NPP), a Jammu & Kashmir-based political party. NPP has a PR (public relations) division that issues eloquent press releases with prolific regularity. NPP’s chief Bhim Singh, it said, met the “only surviving Young Turk” at his residence in Pune. Dharia was “in excellent health and reacted promptly assuring NPP chief that he [Mohan Dharia] is fully prepared to strengthen the winds of ultimate revolution to save democracy in India which, he finds, [sic] in utter danger as ‘there is Congress without Congressmen’.”

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