After Vijay Mallya, Bengaluru's most famous barber buys the Mercedes Maybach

Last Updated: Thu, Mar 02, 2017 17:46 hrs
Rolls Royce

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather and his father, Ramesh Babu too began his career as a barber, a profession he continues to this day. The hair cuts, during his daily five-hour stint as a barber, are to stay "humble".

For the 46 year old, as owner of the thriving Ramesh Tours and Travels, now has over 400 cars in his stable, including 150 high-end models, one of which is a Rolls Royce Ghost. His cars have ferried top celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan around Bengaluru.

His latest acquisition is the Rolls Royce Ghost's newest rival when it comes to turning eyes - a Rs 3-crore-plus Mercedes-Maybach S600. 

"It gives me a high to know that I'm the only other person after (Vijay) Mallya and a builder to own a Mercedes-Maybach (in Bangalore)," Ramesh told the Bangalore Mirror newspaper, about his latest "cab". During the recently concluded Aero India 2017 Show in Bangalore, the Maybach was a huge draw particularly with the German tourists who came visiting.

"God is with me and I have worked hard to reach here. My dream is to buy every luxurious car there is. And after the Rolls Royce, now it's the Mercedes-Maybach. Driving this is a thrill," he told the paper.

He reiterated to the Mirror that he will continue his career as a barber, because "I don't want to forget the suffering… the way my mother brought me up in poverty after my father's death (from a heart attack when Ramesh was seven). So, I will continue to work in the salon."

But the love for the latest and greatest cars too will never leave him, he admitted. "I plan to have more such cars," he told the paper.

Hear Ramesh Babu sharing his inspiring life story below in this 16-minute-long video:

In case you prefer a shorter snapshot of Ramesh Babu's journey to being the billionaire barber, here it is:

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