Apple to launch iPad Mini, 4th-gen iPad in India today

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 07, 2012 07:41 hrs

pApple&rsquos iPad Mini is set to be launched in India tomorrow according to a tweet posted by Reliance Digital iStore a leading seller of Apple products in the country &ldquoGet set for the whole package in a smaller package Get ready for the iPad Mini Only iStoreIndia from 7th December onwards&rdquo iStore has tweetedppThe fourth generation iPad is also set to make an appearance in India tomorrow While Apple offered no official confirmation technology blog BGR India reported the iPad Mini would start from Rs 21900 for the 16GB Wi-Fi variantppMeanwhile Reliance iStore posted the prices of the new iPad Wi-Fi 16 GB variant starting at Rs 30500 on its website Apple had introduced the iPad Mini and the fourth generation iPad in California on October 23ppThe new iPad and iPad Mini will compete with tablets powered by Google&rsquos Android operating system which is the dominant platform for over 100 Android-based tablets available in the Indian marketppAccording to a research report by Knowledgefaber the tablet PC market in India is expected to show robust growth in the next five years with revenues from tablet sales reaching 65 billion by 2016 &ldquoApple has managed to gain significant market share in India through sales of iPad 1 and iPad 2 although it was a late entrant in the Indian market when it launched the first generation iPad in India in May 2011 Reduction in price of iPad2 by 20 per cent in March 2012 followed by the launch of iPad 3 provided further impetus to iPad sales and led to corresponding increase in iOS market share&rdquo says the reportbr br table width250 cellpadding2 tbody tr height20 styleheight 15pt td width237 height18 bgcolor95acb3 stylemso-ignore colspanfont size2 faceTahoma colorffffffstrongPRICE CHARTstrongfonttd tr tr height20 styleheight 15pt td width237 height76 bgcolorccd7dd stylemso-ignore colspanfont size2 faceTahomastrongSamsung Galaxystrongbr 7 & 10-inchbr Price Rs 19500 16 GB &span stylemso-spacerun yesbr spanRs 32500 16 GBfonttd tr tr height20 styleheight 15pt td width237 height66 bgcolorccd7dd stylemso-ignore colspanfont size2 faceTahomastrongApple iPad Ministrongspan stylemso-spacerun yesbr span7-inchbr Price Rs 21900span stylemso-spacerun yesbr span16 GB Wi-Fi only onwardsfonttd tr tr height20 styleheight 15pt td width237 height66 bgcolorccd7dd stylemso-ignore colspanfont size2 faceTahomastrongNew Apple iPadstrongfontfont size2 faceTahomaspan stylemso-spacerun yes br spanfontfont size2 faceTahoma10-inchbr Price Rs 30500span stylemso-spacerun yesbr span16 GB Wi-Fi only and onwardsfonttd tr tr height20 styleheight 15pt td width237 height1 bgcolorccd7dd stylemso-ignore colspanstrongfont size2 faceTahomaApplefontstrongfont size2 faceTahomastrongbr iPad 2strongbr Price fontfont size2 faceTahomaRs 24500span stylemso-spacerun yesbr span16 GB Wi-Fi and fontfont size2 faceTahomaonwardsfonttd tr tbodytableppThe iPad Mini features a 79-inch display FaceTime HD and iSight cameras ultrafast wireless performance and 10 hours of battery life The new fourth generation iPad features a 97-inch Retina display new Apple-designed A6X chip FaceTime HD camera and ultrafast wireless performance with same 10 hours of battery lifeppAmit Goel chief executive officer Knowledgefaber believes India will remain a price-sensitive market as far as tablet PCs are concerned &ldquoApple has the best build-quality app ecosystem and software-hardware integration but it&rsquos not No1 in India Instead tablet PCs available at affordable price-points decent hardware in terms of touch-screen and battery life along with bundled content for education and entertainment will find traction in India&rdquo he saysppBy Knowledgefaber estimates players like Micromax Karbonn and HCL Technologies alone are estimated to sell about 350000 units with a majority of sales in the seven-inch category in 2012 though Micromax and Karbonn entered the tablet PC market only in 2012ppIn terms of price-points bulk of seven-inch tablet PCs offered by domestic vendors are priced between Rs 6000 and Rs 8000 while tablet PCs offered by home-grown vendors in the 10-inch category are priced in the range of Rs 9000-Rs 12000p

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