Are you laid off? Top 5 things to do next

Last Updated: Sat, Aug 17, 2013 05:29 hrs

Getting laid off during a economic downturn can be really stressful, especially when there are fewer jobs available in the market and companies tightening their purse strings. So while losing a job can take a huge toll on your confidence, it can be salvaged by keeping a few points in mind.

Here are top 5 things you should do next when you are laid off

1) Stop the blame game

Get a grip on your thoughts when you hear those dreaded words from the HR.In a global downturn scenario, getting laid off as part of a restructuring is no matter of shame.Its your company's loss, not yours.

2) Keep the conversation on

Dont isolate yourself from close family and best friends. They are your best anchor to weather the storm.

3) Keep the gossipers at bay

Take a short break to crowd out the noise around you. Sometimes, even friends,relatives and former colleagues can be intrusive and damage your sense of self-worth. You need people who can help you and not those who want to know details of your severance package and how the news was delivered to you.

4) Is it time for a change?

Getting benched is often the best time to introspect and plan ahead. Write down all those options you wanted to take up earlier but could not as the comfort zone prevented you from taking risks. Evaluate whether it is time to take a look at those options.If that invovles taking a break and studying further to add some skills, that can prove to be a winner.

5) Keep networking

Once you get a grip on where you want to head, start networking, meet people, find out about lateral movements. Update your CV that should reflect the key skills that you have acquired in your last job.While it is key that you dont overstate your skills, dont make the mistake of understating your skills.

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