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In their formative years, the Bansals- Sachin and Binny were referred to as the poster boys of Indian e-commerce. The ex-Amazon boys who had started a book service in early 2007 had the technical vision and team-building skill-set to flesh out a product- Flipkart. Flipkart was a David in the world of e-commerce that would give a run to Goliaths like Amazon and Google. Cut to 2018, Sachin and Binny, ...
Debt-laden Jet Airways may find its savior in Indian conglomerate Tata Sons if media reports are to be believed. On Tuesday, reports said that Tata Sons had proactively started looking for a buy in Jet Airways. According to Reuters, a few officials from Tata expressed hope in buying Jet's assets. These assets include planes, leases, pilots and slots. Officials from Tata, however clarified that ...
Mumbai: Revaluation of gold reserves and a stronger rupee lifted India's foreign exchange (forex) reserves by over $1 billion in the week ended November 2, analysts said on Sunday. "The rise in forex reserves can be attributed to the revaluation impact of gold value and that the RBI might have picked up some deliveries on its forward positions," Anindya Banerjee, Deputy Vice President for Currency ...
Diamond enthusiasts, collectors and connoisseurs are bound to get excited from a latest development that involves a Pink Diamond. Code-named Pink Legacy, the reportedly hundred year old diamond has sparked the attention of collectors for it's quality and caratage. At nearly 19 carats, the vivid color gem is referred to as magnificience. Also, Pink diamonds usually weigh less than a carat and hence ...
  Cities   Price (10g)
  Gold Rate in Chennai   Rs. 30450.00 (-0.23%)
  Gold Rate in Mumbai   Rs. 31250.00 (0%)
  Gold Rate in Delhi   Rs. 31100.00 (0%)
  Gold Rate in Kolkata   Rs. 31360.00 (-0.1%)
  Gold Rate in Kerala   Rs. 29700.00 (0%)
  Gold Rate in Bangalore   Rs. 29900.00 (-0.13%)
  Gold Rate in Hyderabad   Rs. 30450.00 (-0.23%)

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