Bacardi and Webchutney Create India’s First on Ground Digital Installation that Promotes Responsible Drinking

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 28, 2013 11:50 hrs

New Delhi, Delhi, India:Of all the road accidents in India, 70 percent are caused by drunk driving*. A lot has been said on the issue, but Bacardi truly endorsed the message of responsible drinking with ‘Walk the Line’, a digital on-ground CSR initiative that allows the brand to interact with people and increase awareness on the topic through a very unconventional platform.

Here’s how it works. The installation is placed at bars and clubs across the cities. After a night of partying the system is finally revealed to the crowd and each patron is made to stand on a yellow line after which the screen asks him/her to walk forward by placing one foot in front of the other in a straight line until he/she reaches the other side. If and when the patron reaches the end of the strip, a set of lasers further confirm that he/she is sober enough to drive. These lasers placed on either side of the strip detect deviations from the strip, triggering an alarm if the patron fails the test and offering him a chauffeur for a safe ride home. Watch what happened here.

‘We were inspired by our love for Hollywood blockbusters. Some of the technology used in the movies is truly thought provoking. Our tech inspiration for this project came from laser security systems in Oceans Twelve. We modified that same idea for Walk the Line i.e. using lasers to see if a patron at a bar can walk on a straight line. At the end of the day, the simplicity of the technology was its greatest asset, because it brought a complex idea to life in an easy and enjoyable way’, quoted Gurbaksh Singh, Creative Director, Webchutney.

The activation which is already doing the rounds at various pubs and lounges across Delhi also has a mobile application available on App Stores platforms. Manish Seth, Bacardi says ‘In today’s time, everything is on the “Go”. Releasing the WTL mobile app is a way to make the concept available to everyone, so that responsible drinking is not only talked about, but is practiced as well. This application will also help playful engagement when people come together, which is where Bacardi intends to be relevant.’

Gurbaksh Singh, Creative Director, Webchutney had the following to add ‘ What sets Walk the line apart from other CSR activities is that we have created something that not only sends out an important message to the youth today, but is fun, relevant and creates real-time human responses. Experiential advertising is the wave of the future. People love to experience something new and different. The trick is to bridge the gap between the physical and virtual ecosystems by generating an enhanced on-ground user experience with digital technology.’

Manish Seth further added, ‘Bacardi has been a pioneer in creating events like Bacardi Blasts, NH7 Weekender etc and their endeavour has constantly been to bring these experiences closer to home. We targets Sec A and Sec B Urban Male consumers, who spend quality time and get exposed to content on the digital platforms. Through the digital route, Bacardi intends to establish a wide database and advocate socials issues and concerns to the targeted group. The brand intends to not only be cool but also to care for the consumers. Bacardi as a brand and company will continually strive to create experiences and content to excite engage and educate consumers, and to come up with similar activations going ahead. ’

Find out how Walk the Line worked here.

Download the WTL android mobile app via Google Play.

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