‘Batu Gaiden – The Return of Asi’, Premiering 13th April’ 2013, on Cartoon Network India

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India:The ultimate opportunity for kids, to celebrate cricket is coming closer. Building on the success of their hit comics, Batu Gaiden, Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions in partnership with Level 10 Entertainment and Batu Gaiden Animation Production LLP Japan lead by ThanksLab. Inc Japan, announced the launch of the long awaited, anime series, “Batu Gaiden: The Return of Asi” which is set to premiere on 13th April’13, 12 noon on Cartoon Network India. Batu Gaiden which is Indian in plot and Japanese in style is a unique combination of narration and art. It weaves together the region's love for cricket and mythology, thereby resonating with the local audience. The story of each nail biting episode revolves around the three races, humans, asuras and vanars embroiled in a bitter struggle for power, realize the folly of war and enter into a pact that henceforth they would settle all disputes and conflicts through the ancient sport of the gods. They would bring their mastery of shastras and celestial weapons to the playing field and this sport would be known as Kree-Kaht (or cricket as we know it). The main protagonist of the animation series is 8 year old Batu, who comes from a humble background but is focused on only one key goal, to be the best Kree-Kaht player in the world. The series tracks his progress as Batu is selected for the G-11 team, the most sought after team and his progress thereon.

Popular Japanese Anime director, Mr. Masatsugu Arakawa who has provided anime for hits such as Doraemon Movie and Crayon Shin Chan has donned the director’s hat for Batu Gaiden – The Return of Asi. The animation of the series was carried out by Thanks Lab. in Japan, while the story, script, pre-production and post–production have been done by Level 10 Entertainment and Zero-Sum Wireless Solutions of India. Speaking about the premiering of Batu Gaiden – The Return of Asi on Cartoon Network India, Mr. Chikara Kikuchi, President Zero-Sum informs, “Japanese anime is very popular in India. However most of the current Japanese anime in India was created for Japanese viewers and now being telecast in India with an English or Hindi voice-over. Batu Gaiden has Japanese design elements and anime style, but has been created specifically for viewers in the Indian sub-continent. We wanted to give them something original, something that was Indian and could associate well with the local audience”.

Batu Gaiden – The Return of Asi will premiere in Hindi on Cartoon Network India at 12 noon on the 13th of April’ 2013 and a repeat telecast on 14th April’13 at 10 am.

The release of the English premiere of the series will be announced shortly.

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