Best of Gowda: 'I can also get claps, but...'

Last Updated: Wed, Jul 09, 2014 10:53 hrs

Sadanand Gowda's maiden budget speech had its share of quotable quotes. We cherry pick the best of them here:

* "Railways is expected to earn like a commercial enterprise but serve like a welfare organization. These two objectives are like two rails of the railway track, which though they travel together, never meet."

* "It is unheard of for a business that has a monopoly, that has a nearly 125-crore customer base, that has a 100% sale on advance payment to remain starved of funds".

* "Railways has been through a 'decade of golden dilemma' – the dilemma of choosing between commercial viability and social viability. I am sure, my esteemed predecessors were aware of this precarious situation, but they, however, fell prey to the nasha of claps in the House when they announced these projects (that were 'populist' and 'non-remunerative')."

* "I also can get claps from this august House by announcing many new projects, but that would be rendering injustice to the struggling organization. I would like to take claps throughout the year by setting things in order."

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