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Please take a moment to answer the following questions. This will help us in determining what kind of an investor are you and what will be your most suitable asset allocation.

1. How would you define your investment objectives?
Safety - I definitely need to preserve my capital.
Safety plus income - I need regular income.
Income plus long-term growth - I need some income,but I'd also like to see some growth in my investments.
Capital appreciation - I want to see my investments grow much faster than the inflation rate.







2. When will you need to start withdrawing money from your investments?
Under2 years (short-term).
2 to 5 years (medium-term).
5 to 10 years (medium to long-term).
More than 10 years (long-term).






3. How would you define your current level of investment knowledge?
I have little or no knowledge about investing.
I have some knowledge and am reasonably familiar with basic types of investments, including mutual fund.
I am both knowledgeable and experienced in investing .







4. How much risk are you comfortable with? Recognise that generally speaking, the higher the risk, the higher the potential for gains and losses.
Very High - I could tolerate a decline of 20% or more in the short-term value of my investments, in anticipation of a positive long-term.
High - I could tolerate a moderate decline, between 10-20%, in the value of my investments, in anticipation of a positive long-term.
Moderate - I could tolerate a modest decline, between 5-10%, in the value of my investments, provided I receive a positive long-term.
Low - I could tolerate a minor decline of less then 5% from time to time, but any drop in the value of my investments would make me uncomfortable.
Very Low - My primary concern is the security of my investment.







5. Take a moment to consider your current personal financial situation - income, payment of bills, net worth, etc.
In a year from now, what will your financial status be ?
Very secure.
Somewhat secure.
Not sure.
Likely worse.