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Check out the armour that Walletwatch provides you!! These tools will not only enable you to get the best returns for your money but will also help you in making your life more well planned and free from future monetary worries.
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Tax Calculators_______________

- Salary Tax Calculator

- Capital Gains Tax Calculator

- Asset Allocator
- Asset Purchase Planner
- Savings Planner
- Retirement Planner
- College Funding Planner
- Constant Growth Model
- Discounted Cash Flow Model
- Single Period Valuation Model
- Option Value Calculator
- Margin Loan Simulator
Fixed Income_______________  
- Yield to Maturity & Current Yield
- Current Price
- Par Value
- Coupon Rate
- Years to Maturity
- Fixed Deposit Returns
- Saving Bank Interest Rate
- EMI Calculator
- Credit Card Interest