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Discounted Cash Flow Model
Evaluate the scrip on the base of DCF
The EPS(Earnings per share) of the scrip you buying is Rs.
You expect this EPS to grow in the first few years by %
You think this EPS growth can be sustained for years
After that,you expect the EPS growth to stabilise at %
You expect the market index to grow by % annually
This means
The fair price for this scrip is Rs.

This tool is designed for educational purposes only. Therefore it should not be assumed that any share price established in the marketplace will necessarily conform or correlate with the theoretical value calculated by any model, including the model used in this tool. Under some circumstances, the price established in the marketplace for a stock may deviate substantially from that stock's theoretical value.

Because theoretical models are based on a set of assumptions about the future (i.e., interest rates, dividend payments, etc) and investment based solely on theoretical values is at risk if these assumptions are no longer true.