Canadian firm accused of holding steel for building new WTC's antenna 'hostage'

Last Updated: Sat, Oct 13, 2012 11:20 hrs

A Canadian company is holding the steel needed to build the new World Trade Center's antenna as "hostage" for millions of dollars, jeopardizing the completion date for the tower and at least 100 iron-worker jobs, according to a lawsuit filed by the Port Authority's WTC Tower 1 LLC.

The building reached 104 stories in August, but is expected to reach 1,776 feet when the antenna is done.

But, the Port Authority states in its court papers that it can't proceed with the project unless ADF Steel stops trying to shake them down and ships the rest of the metal they desperately need to finish the project.

"ADF refuses to ship this antenna steel unless and until it receives approximately $6 million allegedly owed under another contract for another project as ransom," the New York Post quoted the lawsuit, as stating.

"The only remaining steel to be erected is the steel comprising the antenna structure for the top of 1 WTC Tower. The unique custom pieces of steel," including the antenna mast, antenna ring steel and roof nodes were supposed to begin shipping on Sept. 24," it added.

According to the paper, the filing on behalf of the site's owner, the bi-state PA, states it is posing a massive threat to the jobs of 100 iron-workers.

"As the project is delayed, there is an increasing risk that approximately 100 iron workers will be laid off because they will not have steel to erect, that 1 WTC will miss date-specific deadlines owed to its tenants, and the redevelopment of the World Trade Center site, which has become a symbol for the city and the country, will be unnecessarily delayed for the foreseeable future," it says.

The Port Authority is now seeking a court order to force ADF Steel, which has its US headquarters in upstate Plattsburgh, to turn over the steel. (ANI)

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