'Conversational investing' in mutual funds through Arya'

Last Updated: Thu, Jun 07, 2018 18:20 hrs
mutual funds

HDFC securities has launched a virtual assistant 'Arya'. The assistant, according to an official note from HDFC, is expected to make mutual-fund investments much simpler and easier to manage.

In fact it will be as simpler and easy as "chatting with friends on social media".

A first of its kind in the industry, this functionality will drastically reduce the complications as found in legacy platforms for investments and directly allow customers to allocate money (including defined tenures for SIP) in mutual funds of their choice.

This would be particularly helpful for new investors who would typically shy away because of complexities of product and investment platform while seeking human help to initiate investment.

Customers are now looking for an omni channel and seamless on-demand experience. These voice skills will provide them a self-service digital channel to interact with HDFC securities.

A customer can now get assistance in account opening, investment ideas in equity and MF's through 'Arya' – India's first virtual assistant to offer services through voice IoT devices in the broking space.

In some time, Arya will also be available on HDFC Securities mobile trading app and website.

Here are the steps to invoke Arya on HSL website
- Choose "Invest in Mutual Funds"
- Choose the type of investment – Lumpsum or SIP
- Select MF schemes as per need
- Invest in selected schemes

Currently this feature is available on HDFC website and the same will be launched on Facebook messenger and mobile trading app.

Nandkishore Purohit, the Head for Digital Strategy and Analytics says, "This feature is in line with our endeavor to not only suggest the right product to our customers but also to empower them with a simple and intuitive platform experience. Hence, we have imbibed the level of convenience expected from us and have introduced this concept of 'conversational investing', starting with mutual funds."

"While our capable IT infrastructure will handle the query complexities at the back end, we will enable our customers to only focus on investing in a way they understand and easily comprehend. We plan to make the journey of customers convenient across all investment products and make them take ownership of their own investment strategy and planning. We are gearing up to deliver accordingly," he further elaborates.

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