Critical Illness Rider - An able assistant at the time of a crisis

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Living in the present day world has lots of pros and cons. While on one hand you get to enjoy the luxuries of the modern age, you also suffer due to the man-made hazards. However, thankfully we have tools at our disposal that help us deal with most of the problems that life throws at us. For instance, a health insurance policy helps you stay fit, taking care of your basic medical expenses. However at times, when the medical bills spiral out of control due to the diagnosis of a critical illness, a regular health insurance proves to be of little help. As a result, insurance companies have now introduced a very helpful rider with the help of which you can combat the financial challenges related to critical illnesses.

myinsuranceclub.comA Critical Illness Rider is provided as an additional benefit to a Life Insurance Policy such that the entire Sum Assured for the Critical Illness Rider Benefit would be payable to the Life Insured on diagnosis of any of the specified Critical Illnesses. The amount would be paid upfront, irrespective of the amount spent on treatment for the said illness. This rider is a Survival Benefit Rider.

It is rightly said that the critical illness rider acts as an able assistant at the time of a crisis. Read on to know how.

1. More susceptible to critical illnesses - First of all, we must understand that we live in a world plagued with disease and disease causing components. Apart from bacteria and virus, factors such as pollution, stress and increased workloads can lead to critical illnesses such as stroke and heart attack. Since we can do very little to eliminate these factors, we need to take all the precautions possible to shield ourselves. A critical illness rider is a great precaution that we can avail of.

2. Expensive treatments - We all know that treating a critical illness like kidney failure or cancer isn't as simple as curing the flu. As a result, these treatments are very expensive and if we do not have an insurance cover, it can leave us in a terrible financial mess. When faced with such an expensive treatment procedure, having a critical illness rider helps as this rider provides the monetary assistance you need for the surgeries, medication, etc. Then, if you need to take the patient out of the country for further treatments, you will receive a lump sum of money with which you can plan the travel.

3. Easy to avail - With the IRDA issuing stricter guidelines for the insurance companies, the policyholders today find it much easier to avail claim when needed. If you have a critical illness rider, you can avail it without any hassle if you meet the criteria specified by the insurer. There is a clear-cut list of all the diseases covered, the waiting period is mentioned and the terms are clearly mentioned. This makes it very simple for you at the time of the crisis as you need not run from pillar to post to get the money.

So as you can see, the critical illness rider has some great advantages and it helps you immensely when you actually need it. If you have a family history of cancer or heart diseases or you feel you are otherwise vulnerable to a critical illness, opt for this rider today. There is no guarantee in life and while there is a chance that you won't require this rider, it would be unwise not to opt for it.

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