Delhi based Artist Neeraj Sharma Dedicates his New Paintings to PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

Last Updated: Sun, May 12, 2013 18:10 hrs

New Delhi, Delhi, India:Inspired by the South Korean pop star Psy’s world famous horse-riding dance in Gangnam Style, a Delhi based artist has dedicated his new painting to PSY.

The painting depicts a man, a woman and a horse in the famous Gangnam style dance pose. The artist dedicated his painting on the launch of PSY’s new hip-swinging music video “Gentleman”.

“Music, dance and love are indubitable to my paintings. With the new Gangnam style taking the young and the old in its fold in no time, I couldn’t resist but dedicate my work to PSY”, Neeraj Sharma, also a manager in an airlines, said.

The painting in acrylic on canvas sizes up to 48“ X 72”. It captures the rhythm, style and fun of “Gangnam” style.

Neeraj has worked on a series of paintings on music and dance, which is his base theme. He has worked in various mediums - acrylic, oil, water and charcoal. Each painting depicts a different dance form with an innovative portrayal of a musical instrument, be it the flute, veena, dhapli or dholak.

“My paintings in abstract are also a blend of tradition with modernity. They depict the popularity of the traditional forms whether in the age of Radha-Krishna or in the current era. I have tried to depict the fusion of tradition with modernity which is more and more a reality now,” he said.

Named “Gangnam Style”, this latest work of Neeraj, is probably one of the first paintings capturing the dance.

To view the photograph, please click on the link given below:

Delhi based Artist Neeraj Sharma Dedicates his New Paintings to PSY’s “Gangnam Style”
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