Demonetisation: Banker's thank you note to villagers goes viral

Last Updated: Tue, Nov 22, 2016 13:06 hrs
ATM (Image Courtesy: Ramdas Kadavallur, Facebook)

A Kerala banker's thank you note to the villagers, who set aside their frustrations and helped him and his fellow bank employees during the days following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's shock demonetisation announcement of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes has gone viral.

Ramdas Kadavallur, a former journalist who now works with the South Indian Bank, penned the note in Malayalam and talked of how the experience - the best in his 10 years at the bank - made him love his job all the more.

Here's the translation and below is the original Facebook post in Malayalam:

The villagers have to be thanked the most.

The past few days have been the toughest since I began working at a bank ten years ago. Around me, people have been queuing up with notes curled up tight in their hands. Among them are the sick, senior citizens, the infirm, people who have to head to a hospital, farmers... From five or six am, many of them have been lining up outside the building of the bank where I work. Every day, I brush them aside so that I can get to my seat.

In Kizhisseri village of Malappuram, if you exclude the cooperative banks, most people rely on the establishment that I work in - the South Indian Bank. The decision to withdraw old notes without sufficient supply of new notes has put farmers, small traders and people working overseas in a crisis.

Because there are not many banks in an area of 6-7 km around the village, the bank I work in became the source of solace even for those from the neighbouring eight-ten villages.

In how many ways can I say thanks and express the full extent of my gratitude to the villagers? I don't know. As a bank employee, I have had numerous opportunities to recognise the goodness in people. But none of those compare to what I have experienced during the last few days. The youth who came forward to help us bank employees keep customers calm; villagers who brought us food when we had to work late into the night, even though none of us had made a request; the customers who understood our dilemma and stood with us by setting aside their own impatience and fatigue after hours of queuing up. To tell you all a Thank You would be too formal and official. Let me simply express my Love. That would be more meaningful.

To help people when they need it the most is a great source of satisfaction. The only sadness that remains is that you may not have been able to take into consideration the needs of everyone. But I'm very happy that no one has complained that we have not been humane and diligent in our approach.

There are diverse opinions on the pros and cons of the government's decision and execution. None of those opinions are a barrier to me to do my duty as a bank employee. I hear about the pains, anxieties and travails of many people from sunrise to sunset. When I compare their woes to mine, my life appears so simple, so vulnerable.

There is one more set of people. Like me, perhaps more than me, they burned within. They are my subordinates only when it comes to salary structures. Otherwise, they are my friends. There have been days when it was midnight after we finished counting notes and tallying amounts. It is because of their dedication, more than mine, that we get all this love and respect from Kizhisseri village today.

I now love my job more deeply than ever before.

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