Dialing Flipkart's old customer service number gets BJP membership for this football fan

Last Updated: Tue, Jun 26, 2018 17:56 hrs

Kolkata: A football fan has came in for a rude shock, after an ecommerce major packaged a bottle of oil for two sets of headphone that the customer ordered.

The fan wanted to use headphones to watch the ongoing FIFA world cup matches. But when he received this package, it contained a bottle of oil instead of the two headphone devices that he had ordered from Flipkart.

The customer tried reaching out to a Flipkart customer service number (1800 266 1001), the one printed on the box to seek replacement.

But instead of an IVR or a human voice on the receiving end, the line disconnected immediately after a ring. An SMS 'welcoming' the user to BJP quickly appeared. The customer initially thought it as one of those SPAM messages, and kept trying his luck at reaching out to the Flipkart customer service team.

He also shared this number among his friends, but after a few hours, realized that the number he had been desperately trying to call was the West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Partys's toll free number to join.

Flipkart later clarified that it had changed its toll-free number quite some time ago. The number was printed on tape used for packing and some of that packing tape was apparently still out there, the company said.

It seems the phone service provider had re-allocated Flipkart's old customer service number to the BJP.

The party's chief from West Bengal was quoted as saying that the episode had nothing to with the political party. "The BJP number is on the website, on Facebook. Anyone can share it. You can also share it. That's not our responsibility," said Dilip Ghosh.

This football fan is still awaiting for the official replacement from Flipkart, and is currently forced to watch the match in mute mode, since he doesn't want to disturb his family members. Flipkart last informed him they would ship one of those headphones, and the refund for the other one.

And as far as the oil is considered, he can continue to use it or send it back to Flipkart.