Dialling luxury

Last Updated: Sat, Apr 06, 2013 12:03 hrs

Aabhas Sharma lists some of the most fancifully customised and expensive phones.

Vertu Ferrari
Rs 374,000
The Vertu Constellation Quest Ferrari has been crafted where interior parts of the Ferrari GT are made. It comes in a leather slip which acts as a cover. The titanium battery cover has the Cavallino Rampante (prancing horse) symbol in stainless steel. It also has handmade Ferrari calf leather integrated into the design. Specifications? Will you buy it for brand value or specs?

Porsche Design Blackberry
Rs 139,000
The specifications are similar to those of any other BB phone, a minor difference being you get a "premium" Blackberry Messenger PIN compared to the regular PIN of other BB phones. It has a stainless steel frame and weighs 155g. The design makes it eye-catching.

Tag Heuer Racer
Rs 350,000
A phone with shockproof rubber chassis and supported by titanium - yes titanium - screws? That's the Tag Heuer Racer Sub Nano limited edition phone. It's water resistant - the internal components have been given a special nano layer treatment. An Android phone, it has Tag Heuer wallpapers and ring tones. Only 500 of these phones have been made.

Ulysse Nardin Chairman
$130,000 (Rs 70 lakh)
One of the world's most expensive phones, it has over 3,000 hand-cut 17-karat diamonds. The phone runs on the Android Gingerbread platform and, like the Vertu Ferrari, the screen is made of sapphire crystal. It comes with a thumbprint reader on the front, which means not everyone can unlock it and use it. Apparently, it takes 700 hours to make a single unit of this phone.

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