Effective tips to buy the best life insurance policy

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 31, 2018 12:05 hrs
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The decision for buying a life insurance calls for a careful survey.  With so many life insurance vendors available in the market, the job of choosing the best life insurance has become even more tedious and confusing. The question here is how do you know which policy to buy and which not? Well, here are some of these effective tips that will help you choose the right life insurance policy:

Choose policy period as per requirement

While you start looking out for life insurance, you will receive multiple quotes for both long-term and short term life insurance policies. Now, this can lead you to dilemma -  which one to take and which to leave. Usually, the long-terms policies come for a term of 30 years and the short term ones give coverage to a certain age like 65. In most case, it is seen that people need life insurance only for  20  to 30 years to cover various expenses like the cost of mortgage, child's growth and work balance. The difference between both is the cash value proportion of the whole life policy.

This is why, first understand the actual cost of your life and how much amount you will pay for the fees and extra expenses and then decide the policy period as per your requirement.

Choose a plan based on your age

Choose the plan based on the stage of life that you are in. Since Term Insurance policy is the cheapest one available in the market with high risk cover, it is beneficial for unmarried individuals. But if you are a married person, a Whole Life Insurance policy or a ULIP will work better for you. Because a term insurance policy doesn't come with any maturity benefit and can be availed only after the buyer's death. Contrarily, if you avail a Whole Life Insurance or a ULIP, it will not only give your family life-time protection, but you will also get investment benefits or bonuses and can withdraw funds as and when required.

Make sure to smartly decide the amount deducted for risk cover while opting for a policy and keep it minimum. Also, opt for riders as this will help you to retain the insurance benefits.  

Pick policies with 'Living Benefits'

These days, life insurance policies with 'Living Benefits' have become the most sought after ones by the customers. This component allows the owner to access the money given as death benefit even while he/she is alive, which earlier was only accessible by the beneficiaries after the death of the policyholder. Generally, the living benefits come as riders which include facilities like accelerated death benefits rider and chronic illness rider. While the first rider will allow you to access the life insurance benefit after being diagnosed as terminally ill, the second one will make you eligible for the pay out if you are found to be incapable of doing two or more daily activities like bathing, eating, and dressing. Though this facility is only made available under certain special circumstances, this can actually prove to be very much useful for you when you need money for medical care or carrying out living expenses.

So, while finalizing a policy, understand which riders are available and how you can claim the benefits.

Check out the 'free look' period in advance

While buying a life insurance policy, the first-time buyers often tend to get confused with the terms and conditions. As a result, they sometimes end up in picking a policy which they are not actually had been looking for. To help out the customers in such condition, insurers give a 'free look' period of certain number of days which allows the customers to change the terms of the policy or even cancel it if they are not happy with the policy. Hence, while opting for a policy, ask the insurer about the free-look period and check out particulars like when it starts, for how many days the period lasts, and what all changes you can make within this period. This will come in use in future, if for some reason you feel the change the policy, for all insurers life insurance check in bankbazaar India.

Compare and buy online

With so many varied options provided by insurance companies, it is quite difficult to find out the best life insurance plans right at the first go. To resolve this confusion, it is very important to do a thorough research online. Check out the details of insurance plans offered by various insurers and compare between them to decide on the best plan for yourself. Evaluate details such as type of policy, period of insurance, coverage offered, additional riders, 'free look' period, and other vital factors. Though you might find the job of researching quite tedious, be patient and find out the right plan that you think will perfectly work for you. Don't compromise with any of your requirements while buying a life insurance policy as this is about the safety and security of your family.  Once, you find the right plan, buy life insurance online to get added advantages.

These are some of the tips that will help you to decide which life insurance policy you actually should opt for. There is no one policy that will work perfectly well for one individual. So, first understand your requirements and then based on that decide which policy will be the right one to meet up all your requirements. Invest in life insurance as early as possible as possible because, as early you will start, better benefits you will receive in the long run.

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