F1 2012: What to watch out for

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 26, 2012 19:12 hrs

A year has flown by and it’s already time for the second Indian Grand Prix already. Now that you’ve gone and bought your tickets, here are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind when you head to the Buddh International Circuit tomorrow.

Leave early
Even though the novelty of the Indian GP seems to have worn off, and the crowds attending the race are likely to be more subdued, do not for a minute think you can leave Delhi and then get to the track at your own sweet time. With the track located over 72 km from the airport, it really is quite a commute. Factor in at least three hours to get there, so that you’re there in good time for all the exciting bits.

The drivers’ parade
If you’ve been watching F1 on the telly for all these years you know that there’s plenty you’ve been missing out on. So now that you have tickets for the race, make sure you don’t miss out on things like the drivers’ parade — the 24 drivers will be driven around the circuit in classic and vintage automobiles so that they can wave to the fans. It’s probably the only time you’ll get to see F1 drivers going around the track slowly, and it’s quite a good chance to snap a couple of pictures.

Support races
If you’re up to the task of getting to the track in the morning, instead of just in time for race start at 2 pm, you ought to know that your tickets also allow you to watch the support races. There are two this year — the JK Racing Asia Series and the MRF Challenge. While the Racing Asia Series features cars that are ideal for youngsters just stepping into the big bad world of single seater racing, the MRF Challenge features cars that an already established single seater driver can move to. Some of the youngsters taking part in these series are very likely to make it to Formula 1 later on. Imagine if you’d watched Kimi Raikkonen racing when he was 15 — that’s not really an opportunity you would want to miss, now, is it?

Don’t forget
Take your tickets with you. If you’ve bought a parking pass with them, make sure that is displayed prominently on your car. Get to the track well-fed and hydrated too. It might be October, but Delhi is still sunny enough to do some damage. You’re not allowed to carry food into the circuit, so don’t bother packing a picnic lunch. And also make sure that you don’t overeat, we don’t think the people around will quite like you tripping over their feet to get to the restroom. And whatever you do, don’t forget a camera!

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