Facebook contemplated charging for access to user data: Report

Last Updated: Thu, Nov 29, 2018 14:52 hrs
Facebook (AP photo)

California: Facebook's miseries post Cambridge Analytica scandal are only mounting. In a latest revelation, the social networking giant allegedly contemplated charging companies for access to its user data.

A staffer floated the idea of closing off data access to companies that did not spend at least USD 250K a year, Engadget reported. This was when Facebook was struggling to turn its revenue around in the wake of its 2012 stock IPO.

Clearly, the company did not decide in favour of charging for user data. Facebook claims that the emails containing the information does not have additional context. While the company did try to fight to strike a balance between making more money from the user data and preserving privacy, the mega Cambridge Analytica scandal has left a global reputational damage.