Paras Healthcare launches new programme to consolidate and channelise scattered SCR funds in healthcare

Last Updated: Thu, Feb 14, 2019 17:21 hrs
Paras Healthcare (Image Courtesy: Paras Hospitals)

Leading healthcare organisation Paras Healthcare has initiated a unique programme that provides a common platform to scattered CSR funds in a bid to bridge the healthcare gap for the poor.

Paaras Saarthi is a healthcare delivery platform based on a CSR funding-focused aggregator model that provides a common ground for corporate houses, PSUs and other individuals to associate together for healthcare social responsibility initiatives.

The program offers guidance, participation programs and impact report to the participating organisations to highlight their contribution towards the CSR Legislation.

The Rs 2240.16 crore spent on CSR healthcare initiatives amounted to 25 per cent of the total CSR money spent in the country in 2017, the second highest after education.

A bulk of these funds were spent on initiatives such as health camps, mobile vans, construction or repair of hospitals, toilet construction, provision of safe drinking water, and programs to raise awareness on health and cleanliness.

While most of these initiatives are well-intentioned and aimed at improving hygiene and preventing disease, their impact on diagnosing and treating diseases, unfortunately, remains minimal. Paras Saarthi has been launched with a vision to help these CSR funds come together and consolidate to finance healthcare delivery and treatment for the poor.

“The healthcare scene is challenging for the poor in India, with 70 per cent of tertiary care hospitals located in urban regions and catering to 30 per cent of urban population. Around 75 per cent dispensaries, 60 per cent hospitals, and 80 per cent doctors are located in urban areas. However, we also see hope as increasingly we find individuals and organizations coming forward with innovative and impactful CSR-based initiatives directed towards health. The challenge lies in the dearth of reliable medium to implement their ideas in a manner that actually benefits the people on the ground,” explains Dr Dharminder Nagar, Managing Director, Paras Healthcare.

As the pilot project, the platform is being currently tested in all cities and regions in reach of Paras Healthcare. The leading hospital chain is spread across five regions in Delhi NCR, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab where it offers a host of services in cancer care, gynecology, pediatric surgery, cardiology, and neurosurgery. Paras Healthcare envisions to make this model a pan India programme in the future.