Geeks On A Plane eyes Indian startups

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 05, 2012 03:51 hrs

In another firm indication that the start-up scenario in the technology sector is getting stronger and sturdier in India, Geeks On A Plane (GOAP), a group of 50 global entrepreneurs and venture capitalists is set to make a tour of India during February 2013. This entourage by Geeks On A Plane, follows a string of global accelerator programmes which debuted in India in the recent past.

Led by Dave McClure, the Founding Partner & Sith Lord at 500 Startups, an internet seed fund and startup accelerator programme in Mountain View, CA, Geeks On A Plane, will make pit stops at Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi during second half of February 2013.

“With a population of 1.2 billion, unprecedented growth of mobile and broadband, 400 million internet users by 2015, and a startup scene that’s hotter than Delhi in August, the conditions are perfect for a revisit from the Geeks,” a statement from GOAP said.

According to GOAP, they are a team of 50 entrepreneurs and VC’s touring some of the hottest tech cities worldwide.

“We travel by planes, trains, and automobiles to the most exciting international startup scenes with the sole mission of uniting geeks and exploring cross-border tech opportunities,” GOAP detailed.

Organized by 500 Startups, Geeks on a Plane is an invite-only tour for startups, investors, and executives to learn about burgeoning technology markets worldwide.

The result: a lifelong bond with fellow travelers, a wealth of new friends and business contacts in exploding technology markets, and a stronger appreciation for the cultural and economic ties that bind us globally,” the statement added.

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