General Insurance: Bhargav Dasgupta

Last Updated: Mon, Dec 03, 2012 04:59 hrs

I am shifting from Bangalore to Delhi soon. I have a car with a Bangalore registration. Will a change in my car's registration number affect my insurance?
Yes, the change in location can have a bearing on your car insurance premium. At the time of registration, the location is recorded in the registration certificate of your car. This detail is captured in your insurance policy as well. The location where a vehicle is registered is a key input in calculating the insurance premium as the claims experience of an insurance company could vary widely for different locations. Thus, your movement from Bangalore to Delhi may result in a change in your car's insurance premium. The difference in your premium amount will be calculated during the endorsement process and you will be informed about the same. If there is an increase in the premium, you would need to pay the extra amount to the insurer before the intimated due date. If the premium is lower, the insurance firm will send across a cheque for the difference.

My car was stolen recently. It was insured under a comprehensive policy. I had claimed against the policy soon after. But the police found the car before I could get my claim. I am yet to get the possession of the car but I have learnt some parts are missing. Will my claim be honored?
Your claim on the missing parts will be honored. Such losses (commonly known as partial theft) are covered in a comprehensive motor insurance policy. You would need to inform the insurance company about the car parts theft immediately after you take the possession of the car. Since your car has been recovered, your previous claim of theft will not be payable.

My daughter is getting married in March and I want to get her jewellery insured. Can I insure the jewellery? If yes, will the cover be equal to the value of jewellery as on today? And, how much will be the cover cost?
You can get your daughter's jewellery covered under a home insurance policy. In this case, the jewellery will be included in the content cover where all home contents including furniture fixture, durables and miscellaneous are included. In terms of the extent of cover, it will be equal to the market value of the jewellery as on the date of insuring. From your end, you will have to ensure that the policy subscribed to is for a minimum of one year. You have the option to insure the jewellery under the 'basic contents cover' or 'all risk cover' part of the home insurance policy. Basic contents cover provides coverage against fire and special perils, earthquake and burglary only, whereas an all risk cover provides a comprehensive cover against any loss or damage, apart from named exclusions. If you insure the jewellery under the basic contents category, you will be charged a particular premium. However, if you opt for the more comprehensive all risk cover, the premium for the same would be 15-20 per cent higher than premium for basic cover.

Can I avail cashless benefits for treatments taken abroad? If no, can I specially ask for such a benefit? I have a health policy from a private insurer and plan for a heart surgery abroad.
The scope of treatment under a health insurance policy is limited only to India. Therefore, you will not be able to avail the cashless benefit for treatment abroad. Medical treatment expenses while on a trip abroad are covered under the Overseas Travel policy, provided the claim is for unexpected and unplanned expenses. In your case, it would not be applicable, as it is a planned procedure.

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