Here's Railways new Jugaad, but will it ease travel for Mumbaikars in flood like rains?

Last Updated: Tue, Jul 10, 2018 15:39 hrs
Indian Railways

The Indian Railways has strategized with a new plan in order to overcome frequent disruption of its services during Monsoons.

Central Railway is toying with the idea of a modified waterpoof locomotive engine that can operate even on tracks with water as high as 12 inches or one foot.

According to a report published in the Business Standard, the agency is modifying traction motors on Diesel engines. Sealing is expected to keep motors completely dry and will be of great use to areas like Mumbai where monsoons batter not only a good part of the roads but also throws the Railway's out of gear.

So far the Railways has managed to modify one engine, which could be used to shunt or force "marooned" or trains that have been forcibly stationed on the tracks. Thus, the railway tracks could be cleared off trains that run into operational snags in the event of heavy rains. Moreover, by protocol and design cannot run in water as high as 4 inches. A technique to shunt such trains is expected to keep tracks cleared.

The Railway's new Jugaad, is expected of easing the average Mumbaikar's travel plans. But where would Railways park their shunted trains and which other trains would operate on tracks with more than 4 inches of water is a matter of guess.

Rains have a huge impact on the travel plans of nearly 7 million suburban train commuters. Any disruption adds up to the traffic on streets. In fact during Monsoon, twitter searches for Monsoon Mumbai, Mumbai Rains, Harbour Line, Central Line Mumbai are some of the popular search combinations.

A news reported said that during last September, officials reported marooning of 25 rakes after water entered traction motors of the locomotive engines. It took 5 days to get the rakes operational.

The Railways carries the title of being the lifeline to Maximum City Mumbai. But, with barely a month into monsoon, the average Mumbaikar has been forced to struggle amid trains running late, flooded roads, and surge pricing strategies of cab-hailing apps.

Tweets such as these have become quite a norm in this week.

Twitter user posted this image of stranded commuters being forced to walk on tracks.

Nothing has been confirmed about the date of implementation of Railways' new Jugaad, but as most Mumbaikars, we too pray and hope that it helps train travellers of the city.

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