How to Find Travel Insurance for Your next Cruise Vacation

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A cruise vacation may sound like a blissful, indulgent holiday, but travel troubles may be lurking just around the corner. Many travelers feel invincible while they pack their bags and get ready to embark on sailing holiday. But things can and do go wrong when you are on vacation.
Luckily, a good travel insurance policy provides a financial safeguard in case you face loss of luggage, cancellation of flights or an injury during your holiday. The question is this: how do you find a travel insurance policy that will protect you during the course of your cruise vacation? In the following paragraphs, we will focus on helping you find the best cruise insurance deal.

  1. Don't Buy from the Cruise Line - Buying from the cruise line (or the airline or the tour company) may be the easiest and most convenient option. You can purchase such insurance even as you make your bookings. The point to remember is that a cruise company does not deal in insurance – it deals in vacations. Therefore, it is more sensible to buy cruise travel insurance from an insurance company. Insurance from the cruise liner may often be overpriced and may provide inadequate coverage. Moreover, should you require reimbursement later on, the cruise company might even pay you in cruise credits instead of cash.
  2. When Should You Buy Insurance - It is not necessary for you to buy cruise travel insurance as soon as you book your seats on the cruise liner or connecting airline. Rather than do a hurried job of it, you can take the next few days to shop around and examine different cruise insurance plans. You can wait until even just a few days before departure. However, many travel insurance companies require you to purchase your insurance policy within a stipulated period since your travel booking. This period usually varies from about seven to 14 days.
  3. "Cancel for any Reason" Coverage - If you are spending a bomb on your upcoming cruise holiday, cancellation coverage is essential. Such cover is needed because there is no way of knowing why you may have to cancel your trip. It is an improvement over trip cancellation coverage. The latter only promises reimbursement if your trip is cancelled for one or more of a specified set of reasons. On the other hand, when you buy "cancel for any reason" cover, it offers reimbursement regardless of your reason for cancelling the trip. This is important because cruise vacations tend to be expensive.
  4. Medical Care while on the Ship - Your health insurance may not cover you if you require medical care during your cruise holiday, so cruise travel insurance with health cover is crucial. What you must find out, however, is whether your policy requires you to pay for the medical care upfront and then reimburses you later, or directly pays the cruise for your medical expenses. The latter option is preferable since the cruise is unlikely to have ATM machines; otherwise, you will have to keep some extra cash on you for medical emergencies.

These are just a few aspects that you must consider while buying cruise travel insurance. If you are unfamiliar with insurance lingo, consult an insurance agent to help you zero in on the ideal cruise insurance and meet your travel requirements.

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