Launches Credible Online Profiles – Trust will Now Be Launches Credible Online Profiles – Trust will Now Be Established Through Technology

Last Updated: Wed, Feb 27, 2013 11:30 hrs

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:Online trust establishment platform – – today opened its doors to professionals across India. Using IDfy’s suite of offerings, individuals can not only establish their credibility, but can also stand out from the crowd in various day-to-day scenarios; viz. while looking for a job / free-lance project, meeting a prospective spouse, or even while looking to rent a home in a new city.

“With the advent of the internet, the velocity of interactions with people who we have met for the first time has increased drastically over the last few years. However, the establishment of trust has still has not moved to a better medium than the traditional face to face meeting. IDfy stands to change that reality”, says Ashok Hariharan, CEO IDfy. “Our credible identity platform allows individuals to showcase themselves in the best way possible”.

Some of the offerings from the IDfy platform are as below:

The Credible Resume:

The basic IDfy profile works on the premise of a resume, with various elements of credibility layered on top. Not only can you make it a social resume – by linking it up to your social networks, as well as having peers from there vouch and validate your skill set & past experiences – you can also have details verified and even testimonials shown alongside.

Surveys About Me:

The IDfy survey, not only allows you to gauge how your colleagues, superiors & subordinates rate you on various professional criteria, but is also another way to add credibility to yourself. Imagine being able to objectively prove that you really are a good team player.

Reference Check:

The IDfy reference check allows a person to collect a formal referencefrom a past supervisor or client, and store it safely online. You no longer have to scramble for references when someone asks for them; and what’s even better is that you can reuse past references in all future interactions.

Document store:

The IDfy document store allows you safely store and tag all personal documents online. You never have to look for a document in your file cabinet anymore, nor will you to worry about finding a scanner at the last minute.

The IDfy profile is also unique in the sense that it allows privacy to be controlled at the granular level. Access to some or all information can be restricted, or made completely public based on the preferences of the user.

About IDfy: is a product of Baldor Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which is a Venture funded startup - having been invested in by Blume Ventures. The company was started by Ashok Hariharan, Hatim Baheranwala, & Vineet Jawa in 2011, with Kaushik Shah serving as the CTO. The company vision is to reduce the trust deficit which exists in various contexts today – primarily by helping individuals build credibility online.

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