India among Asian countries 'to wield more global power than US, Europe' by 2030: Report

Last Updated: Tue, Dec 11, 2012 05:41 hrs

India will be among various Asian countries that are expected to wield more global power than the US and Europe combined by 2030, according to a report.

A forecast from the US intelligence community said that within two decades China would overtake the US as the world's largest economy.

The report, Global Trends 2030, also warns of slower growth and falling living standards in advanced nations with ageing populations, the BBC reports.

The report published by the National Intelligence Council (NIC) aims to draw together a wide sweep of "megatrends" driving transformation in the world.

The NIC suggests that by 2030, Asia will have more 'overall power' than the US and Europe combined, taking into account population size, gross domestic product (GDP), military spending and investment in technology.

"China alone will probably have the largest economy, surpassing that of the United States a few years before 2030," the report said.

"Meanwhile, the economies of Europe, Japan, and Russia are likely to continue their slow relative declines," it added.

The report, however, does not anticipate that China will emerge as a superpower in the mould of the US, forging coalitions to take on international issues. (ANI)

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