India FIMMDA-Thomson Reuters-MIFOR for six mths 6.44 pct

Last Updated: Mon, Jan 01, 2018 17:40 hrs

Jan 1 (Reuters) -The FIMMDA-Thomson Reuters Mumbai Inter-bank Forward Offered rate for six months based on the implied yield using dollar-rupee premium is 6.44 percent on Monday compared with 6.46 percent the previous day. The FIMMDA-Thomson Reters Mumbai rupee overnight offered rate(MITOR) based on the cash-spot dollar rupee premium was 3.86 percent on Friday. One-month, two-month, three-month, six-month and one-year swaps and benchmark rates are given in the table below. -------------------------------------------------------------- dlr/rupee In percent Implied rupees (Spot to) (paise) (annualised) Interest rates(%) -------------------------------------------------------------- 1M(05/02/18) 23.25/24.75 04.04/04.30 05.63/05.89 2M(05/03/18) 45.00/46.50 04.23/04.37 05.89/06.03 3M(03/04/18) 73.50/75.25 04.68/04.79 06.42/06.53 6M(03/07/18) 141.25/143.25 04.47/04.54 06.38/06.44 1Y(03/01/19) 276.75/278.75 04.35/04.38 06.58/06.61 Spot rate : 1$ = 63.6697 rupees (Source - RBI reference rate from Thomson Reuters page NOTE : LIBOR RATE AS OF 29-DEC-2017. Note: Figures in brackets indicate negative values. The US Dollar LIBOR rates are published by the British Bankers' Association and sourced from the Thomson Reuters page . The implied benchmark rates will be available on Thomson Reuters pages by typing or followed by the ENTER key or double-clicking , . Refer to Thomson Reuters page for the calculation methodology. FIMMDA refers to Fixed Income Money Market and Derivatives Association of India. ($1=0)

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