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Last Updated: Mon, Oct 17, 2016 13:20 hrs

Friday evenings! The time that everybody from all walks of life looks forward to. The motivation, however, differs for a lot of them. For some it's a much-needed break from the routine hullabaloo of work life. For some it's an opportunity to spend time with friends and family. For some it's about getting out there with colleagues to get their bottled-up frustration out over a couple of drinks. During recent years, a new trend seems to be doing the rounds- people have now started reserving their Fridays, and weekends, for that matter, for online skill-based games like poker and rummy.

In a country like ours, where time never really stops, skill-based gaming manages to tick a lot of the right boxes by providing the Indian populace with a medium where they can receive nutrition for their mind, while having a tremendous amount of fun. The beauty about such mentally stimulating skill- based games is that it appeals to everyone regardless of their age, gender or class and the fact that it is available online acts as a fillip in a sense for the players.  

Though the entire industry is still fairly nascent, it has managed to create a lot of buzz in a significantly short span of time and the credit for the same goes to the minds behind the industry, and the smart and savvy Indian population who have been accepting their vision with open hearts.

Such an overwhelming reception from the infamously temperamental Indian population, that too with no mention in mass media whatsoever; doesn't look like an easy task at all, does it? But the poker and rummy websites of the country have managed to do it regardless.

How did they do it?

We have come up with a simple enough explanation. The offering is so good, that it eventually sells itself.

Don't believe us? Then try answering the following question. How many times have you seen advertisements of the likes of Pokabunga, Rummy Circle, Ace2Three etc in mass media? Probably never. But that doesn't take away from the fact that these websites have been doing extremely well in their respective geographies.

India has always been a country of card-lovers, and this time of the year reiterates that statement vehemently. Which household doesn't indulge in popular card games like flash, or teen patti as it's more commonly known, during this time of the year? Over the past few years, Diwali and cards have started to go hand-in-hand, so much so that people of India have now started associating Diwali more with cards as compared to crackers. What a paradigm shift, isn't it? To sway a country like ours away from the allure of fireworks and lights is a feat in itself, and those 52 cards in a deck will be happy to take credit for it. One fascinating thing that people fail to notice though, is that playing teen patti is completely illegal in our country. The ramifications of the same are immense, because  if you happen to get caught by a cop playing flash, you could be looking at serving a considerable amount of time behind bars as flash is considered to be a game of chance rather than skill.

This is where the poker and rummy companies of India hit the nail on the head; they understood that the people of India loved playing cards, and that they would be more than happy to learn other forms of card games just to keep themselves around them all the time.

Poker, as one of the more popular variants, has been able to connect with the young blood a lot more than rummy, and with good reasons. Recognized as a game of skill by the Honourable Supreme Court of India, poker has become something that people desire to associate themselves with. It has a certain charm to it that appeals to all strata of the society, be it students, young professionals, stay-at-home mothers or even retired citizens.

An industry of all but five years, online poker in India has managed to turn a lot of eyeballs already. What it offers is an opportunity of playing a popular skill-based game online, with real money, amongst friends, family and other poker enthusiasts of India. A major difference between online poker and other card games like teen patti in India is that online poker is completely legitimate. Some experts from the industry have even likened poker to chess, given the sizeable element of skill involved in it.

A lot of players have emerged in the online poker industry of India, but only a few have managed to survive thus far. Pokabunga, a website registered in Bangalore, is one such example, because it has managed to keep up the momentum since its inception back in 2012. Founded by a professional team comprising of investment bankers and IIM graduates, Pokabunga has truly been a pioneer in the industry; all credit to the visionaries behind the enterprise. With a robust software, strong customer support, secure transactions, lightning fast cash-outs, excellent traffic, and constant innovation, Pokabunga has not left a single stone unturned to keep the competition at bay. With over two lakh registrations already and both poker and rummy under the same roof, it has created quite a dent in the online skill-based gaming industry, and some recent moves by the company has further reassured people of its long term vision of being the frontrunner in the industry.

Even though it can be argued that online poker is still a relatively young phenomenon, yet with increased living standards, deeper pockets, high smartphone and internet penetration, and the 'cool' factor associated, the industry has made its grand entry and is here to remain and bloom.  The signs are all there, what remains to be seen is how quickly people identify this opportunity and bring it around to their benefit.

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