iPhone X inspired rip-off is not OnePlus 6 but Oppo's R15

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 02, 2018 18:09 hrs
iPhone X inspired rip-off is not OnePlus 6 but Oppo's R15

Oneplus 5 and 5T users, who have often complained that their devices looked so similar to that of Apple's devices, are in for a rude shock, after a teaser of the sixth iteration of OnePlus device. Jokes apart, the device looks as if it has ripped off the most special features off the iPhone X- the notch and bezel-less display specifically

The OnePlus 6 has been shown to incorporate similar looks from that of Apple's iPhone X, from the ones available on social media. The teaser, made available on China's social networking website- Weibo, apparently had an iPhone inspired notch.


A bezel-less display was also visible on the phone, sparking furore. For many Apple fans, OnePlus' designs have been a literal rip-off of the flagship design that the Steve-Jobs founded company envisioned.

The phone or prototype has already becoming a darling, with many posting about it on twitter. This, in spite of the fact that commercial production on this prototype is still months away.

But in a recent development, all that eye-candy happens to become just a farce. Apparently, the images being tweeted and shared are that of Oppo's R15. The bezel less display and identical notch is something that one could also see on the R11 and R11S, owned by Oppo. For the uninitiated, Oppo is the parent company holding OnePlus.

It is quite possible that the designs are being planned for Oppo's R15 instead of OnePlus's flagship 6 device.

For fans of OnePlus, there is a possibility that Carl Pei led company may be coming up with an original plan. As evident from the full-glass body appearing in a handful tweets. OnePlus has so far stuck with either a metallic finish or a plastic design which is moulded to feel like rich metal. Unsuspecting users have usually dabbed their smartphones with covers coming from Spiegel, and in many cases sub-$1 cheap flimsy covers. But a Glass back is something only the likes of Samsung and Apple have worked successfully. Xiaomi played with a Ceramic back for its Xiaomi Mix. It didnt sell as much as the popular Redmi Note series did. But a little creativity is all what users expect.


Will this OnePlus glass back hit it off? Will this Oppo R15 appeal to users? No answers yet, but till share and enjoy this glass back design.

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