It will be a 'real-deal' or no deal at all with China, says 'tariff man' Trump

Last Updated: Wed, Dec 05, 2018 12:06 hrs
Donald Trump and Xi Jinping (AP Photo)

Washington: United States President Donald Trump while talking about the US-China trade truce stated that either Washington will have a real deal with Beijing or no deal at all.

He further asserted that if no deal is struck between the two nations, then the US will slap major tariffs against Chinese products being exported to the US.

"We are either going to have a REAL DEAL with China, or no deal at all - at which point we will be charging major Tariffs against Chinese product being shipped into the United States. Ultimately, I believe, we will be making a deal - either now or into the future.... ...China does not want Tariffs!," Trump tweeted on Tuesday (local time).

"I am a Tariff Man," Trump he added.

Following the meeting with his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping on the sidelines of recently concluded G20 summit in Argentina, Trump had tweeted that the negotiation between the two countries had begun and that he was looking forward to the possibility of having a "real deal" with China.

Retorting to which, China also decided to reclassify 'fentanyl' as a "controlled substance", making way for the US to deal with the ongoing opioid crisis in the country. This initiative was later on appreciated by the US, reported CNN.

Washington and Beijing during the G20 summit had also agreed to take active measures to strengthen cooperation on law enforcement and narcotics control which includes reclassification and control of fentanyl-type substances.

After the meeting, the White House had also stated that the US has agreed to maintain the 10 per cent tariffs on 200 billion USD worth of Chinese goods, instead of raising them to 25 per cent.