Meet Yogapaati Nannamaal Amma, India's oldest, amazing and inspiring 99-year-old yoga teacher

Last Updated: Thu, Jun 21, 2018 13:11 hrs
Amma Yoga Yogapaati

For this yoga instructor age is just another number.

Her indefatigable spirit and conviction in spreading Yoga awareness is second to none. Referred in the media circles as Yogapaati (Yoga Granny), this granny was the show-stopper at a Fashion show a few months ago.

While most people at half her age, would have coughed and squirmed at the mere thought of exercising, this 99-year-old Yoga instructor, fondly referred to as Nannamal Amma, is just inspiring netizens.

For her age, Amma not only stands, walks and sits without a stooping gait, but performs some of the most difficult Yogic postures.

Be it Paschimottanasana, Kandharasana, Sirshasana , or any of the commonly known asanas, Amma can perform them with great ease and finesse. Her disciples say Amma must have mastered over 50 Yoga asanas.

It's not only the age that is inspiring, but the number of awards and accolades too. Amma won the Nari Shakti Puruskar award in 2017 from the President on International Women's Day, attended a lunch hosted by the Prime Minister, and shared a demo of her Yoga prowess to Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister for women and child development.

Amma has also been bestowed with a Yoga Ratna awards from the state government of Karnataka.

That's Yogapaati with her medals and the accolades that she has won over several years.

A resident of Coimbatore, Amma can certainly bend it better than Beckham. After all she has been doing and teaching Yoga for years now.

Amma's son V Balakrishnan runs a Yoga Centre called Ozone Yoga and has been quoted in various news reports, proudly saying that his mother must have taught over 10 lakh students in her life. Of these over 10000 of them are spreading the knowledge of Yoga as instructors themselves.

A good number of Amma's students have done the country proud by winning awards at international competitions held in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and UK.

Amma learnt the art of Yoga from her grandparents, who would work an entire day on the farm, but return home in the evening and start performing various Yogic asanas.

Amma's Yogic Aasanas can test even a teen.

Yoga has immensely benefited the nonagenarian's health and she has never visited a hospital in her entire life. The same can be said of her family of 36 members, who are all trained to practice and teach Yoga.

Besides health, Amma credits Yoga for the longevity in life. Her grandparents, who she refers to as excellent tutors of the ancient spiritual and physical discipline form, died at the age of 107.

Waking up everyday morning at 5 AM, and practicing Yoga three times during the day has certainly inspired granny to a good life. And she thinks that youngsters would benefit too if they too followed and practiced Yoga.

For those of you wondering about YogaPaati's diet, she maintains a strict and a disciplined diet. A strict vegetarian, Amma starts her breakfast with porridge made of Raagi, Millets and wheat. Lunch is usually rice and vegetable content, the only indulgence that one can say is the evening snack made of powdered dry roasted coriander seeds, jeera, dry ginger, and jaggery. Such is her discipline that she doesn't know how coffee or even tea tastes like.

On Yoga Day, do take a look at inspiring YogaPaati's video.

Here is a video of Yogapaati performing during a Fashion Show hosted by Amazon. And guess the man in the background. It's none other than model Milind Soman, cheering and applauding Amma's untiring zeal and conviction for Yoga.