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Should the DLF-Vadra deal be probed?

Arvind Kejriwal has presented a fresh set of facts to bolster his claim that there was an illegal nexus involving DLF, Robert Vadra and the Haryana government. Do you believe the government should now probe this matter?


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Posted By: Anand P Upneja On:30/10/2012
Respected Anna Hazare did wonderful social service by eliminating corruption in his village. Latter he expanded his noble work in adjoining areas. Some politicians wanted to join bandwagon to take advantage. Their effort was thwarted by his supporters. His influence soon spread in Maharashtra and he was able to deal with some corrupt ministers/IAS babus who lost their jobs. At this stage he got known in whole Maharashtra and intellegentia all over India. He was not a known figure in masses all over India. Kejriwal was also not a known name. Rejoined hands with a person with track record of fighting corruption and built a movement. In the process latent anti corruption forces joined them. Fasts and social gatherings were not achieving desired result fast enough. Shri hates joining politics. So Shri Kejriwal started a political party. God knows why some people accuse him of political ambition. Some soul searching may help such people. I salute Sh Kejriwal .
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Posted By: Ann On:09/10/2012
Vadra deserves a PADAM- Shree for his acute business acumen aand a minister of public accounts. Some land near Parliament must be alloted or CP donated to him. Our future is secure in him.
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Posted By: ved On:09/10/2012
There is nofun Govt. doing a probe in Vadra-DLF deal. Vadra is Govt and Govt is Vadra. And Vadra is Sonia and sonia is MMS. It is a hydra-headed monster.. Thousands of Kejariwals have been gulped down by this monster.HEY RAM
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Posted By: Ravich On:09/10/2012
As a true son of the father of our nation, yes it should be certainly investigated by a truly independent body. But,as a politician,I suggest this:the government should honour Mr.Vadra as a n astute businessman and donate him about 100 acres near Indian parliament to build a training center for BPL entrepreneurs and allow him to carry it out after 'fruitfully' deploying the land for next 100 years.
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Posted By: rajgopal On:09/10/2012
Mr.Vadra's Twitter Comment"Mango People in banana Republic"-latter term is perfectly valid. In fact there is a quiz question-"Which country is known as the banana republic under the garb of democracy/"-You guessed the answer right!
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Posted By: Sankhya Krishnan On:09/10/2012
Why should Robert Vadra be treated like a holy cow? What is wrong in any of these allegations being examined? A government that has roused itself from deep slumber must now prove that it can act!
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