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What do you think of the latest petrol price hike?

Another day, another petrol price hike. As the wit, who obviously learnt his math lessons well at school, observed - the government is having its pi (prices having been raised by Rs 3.14 per litre) and eating it too. At a time when inflation is soaring, what do you make of the latest petrol price hike?


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Posted By: FecyReonymn On:08/11/2011
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Posted By: Unknown On:06/11/2011
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Posted By: knr On:18/09/2011
The petrol prices were to rise even before the inflation started. Since years the petroleum cos are losing their revenues. We as citizens have to bear the cost. If the same rise was in a phased manner and if the govt were to bring in decontrol earlier the situation would not have been what it is. Sooner or later the buck will fall on the consumers and it will be more severe in the coming days. Government should do the inevitable without the fear of political repurcussions. Rolling back will rebound much harder in the coming days with a tsunami effect. Mera Desh Mahan.
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Posted By: Bharat Bhushan Kumar On:17/09/2011
Pranab sahab..this is an absurd answer. Do you mean that the government does not have anu control of price of petrol...Why has the governement levied so much of taxes on the petrol? why does the government keeps sleeping and doing nothing for the control of prices ? This will lead spiral inflation. For goodness sake open your eyes and do something about it.
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Posted By: naveen On:16/09/2011
People should do by-cot & not to buy petrol for at least 5 days.
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Posted By: Harjit singh On:16/09/2011
as per the news the petrol prises are increased due to value of rupee against Dollors gone down, if we agreed their claim will these oil companies reduced the prices when the Rupee value improves to Dollor, or its just an eye wash.

Petrol prises were open and freedom was given to petrolium companies to increase or decrease as per the international market . but unfotunately w have never seen that these companies have ever decreased a single paisa after that , are they given power only to increase the prises by giving one or the other excsue or still indirectly now politically controlled by the government.
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