MS centre grooming nexgen tech leaders

Last Updated: Thu, Apr 03, 2008 06:10 hrs

Hyderabad: The People and Organisation Capability (PCC) group at the Microsoft India Development Centre (MSIDC) here has emerged as a centre of excellence focussed on grooming technology leaders for the future.

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The top management at Microsoft spares time to mentor and works with people to create leaders of tomorrow. The early inroads this initiative has made in grooming talent is something that has interested leaders at the Microsoft Redmond headquarters, and this may even be replicated there.

A team of executives at the Microsoft centre here, headed by the Corporate Vice-President and Managing Director, MSIDC, Hyderabad, Srini Koppolu; the Director, People and Organisation Capability, Kalpana Sinha, and Chiwei Che, from Microsoft China R&D Group, interacted with Business Line to explain how the entire project has been conceived and how it is going places.

“The India centre has grown from a 20-people start-up to a large organisation and we felt it was time to groom researchers to be the next generation leaders. And this is not something that can be acquired through a course outside. Therefore, we have conceived Expotech that brings researchers from even China for this programme. This helps in cross fertilisation of ideas,” Koppolu said.

Chiwei Che, Senior Researcher at Microsoft China Research and Development Centre, said “through Expotech, we get to interact with researchers from other parts of the world and thereby get to work collaboratively”

“ Apart from this, the India experience is something that many researchers in China and other countries look forward to,” he said.

Kalpana Sinha said “this idea was conceived to create a healthy leadership pipeline wherein we identify people with passion and a desire to become leaders in technology development space, which is lot different from grooming leaders in other areas such as sales and marketing.”

Therefore, a comprehensive syllabus has been designed and where leaders spend quality time with researchers.

The entire Expotech and other learning modules are based on what Microsoft calls 70-20-10 learning, that is 10 per cent classroom, 20 per cent learning from others including seniors and 70 per cent learning on the job, Sinha said.

The Expotech programme is designed to develop high potential employees based in remote R&D centres in India and China and provides employees with critical inputs to accelerate growth and take up leadership roles. High potential employees are identified and groomed to be innovative.

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Kapil Malhotra, Test Manager at MSIDC, said it is exciting to be a part of the whole process and an environment which offers scope for growth. Since his induction into MSIDC in 2000, Kapil has worked on Outlook interface with Lotus Domino and has moved to the storage domain. “Being part of Expotech provides great exposure,” he said.

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