My Life My Style: Dr Jamuna Pai

Last Updated: Fri, Dec 07, 2012 21:01 hrs

pstrongBest work moment strongbr The day we opened the first Blush Clinic My dream was realisedppstrongBooks on your bedside strongbr Skincare and beauty books fashion lifestyle astrology and travel magazines biographies of people I admireppstrongMassage or workout to de-stress strongbr 100 per cent massage I sometimes even take two massages in a day when I&rsquom on holidayppstrongDesigns that have caught your eyestrongbr Homes with serene water bodies and Buddha statues I love the koi pond at Singapore&rsquos Changi airportppstrongYour IT tools strongbr iPad3 a Blackberry and Sony VaioppstrongFavourite spirit strongbr Light fruity Vodka-based cocktailsppstrongFavourite perfume strongbr Michael Kors&rsquo signature fragranceppstrongFavourite wine strongbr Off-dry white wines Pinot Grigio Riesling and Sula Chenin BlancppstrongFavourite champagne strongbr Only popped on special occasions and of course Dom PerignonppstrongYour sleeping ritual strongbr I don&rsquot get much time during the day so I like doing a little stretching before bedtime watch television and pray every night for 10 minutes Then I wait for Cuddles my cocker spaniel to jump onto my bed before I really go to sleepppstrongFavourite TV show strongbr I can watch re-runs of Three&rsquos Company over and over again I enjoy watching dance competitions on television and a few Hindi soaps tooppstrongBest gift received strongbr A Rolex watch from my husbandppstrongFavourite cuisinestrongbr Indian food and more importantly home-cooked food I love seafoodppstrongWhere do you like to sit when being driven Upfront with driver or back seat like a memsahibstrongbr Left-side corner in the back seatppstrongOn a plane do you network sleep or catch up on films and reading strongbr Catch up on films and readingppstrongFancy coffee or masala tea strongbr Cappuccino laced with hazelnutppstrongWhat do you cook on your day off strongbr I&rsquom impatient by nature so I like recipes that are quick I especially like whipping up dessertsppstrongDo you fill customer feedback forms Why strongbr Yes I believe that feedback is always constructive in any field regardless of its being positive or negativeppstrongAre you a beach or mountain person strongbr Mountain Specially if there&rsquos a spappstrongWhat&rsquos your fragrance strongbr Tuberose and anything with jasmine notesppstrongYou get your work clothes from strongbr Zara Dolce & Gabbana Armani and any other stores that appeal to me on my travelsppstrongThe shoemaker you trust strongbr I don&rsquot have a staple really But I love Ferragamo&rsquos Todd&rsquos Gucci Fendi and these days my Fit Flops which come as a welcome relief to my tired feetppstrongGels oils and lotions you swear bystrongbr I genuinely love the products that we use at Blush some of which we retail as well within our clinicsppstrongYour favourite eveningwear strongbr Nothing comes close to a sarippstrongWhat&rsquos your weekday breakfast like And weekend strongbr Bottle Gourd juice fruit and coffee Sabudana khichdi or eggs and toast on the weekend And lots of coffeeppstrongYour current set of wheels strongbr A Mercedes S ClassppstrongIn the car is it sleep or cell for you strongbr Only the cell I&rsquom always strapped for time so I try finish off all my phone calls while I&rsquom commutingppstrongFavourite café strongbr Vista at Taj Land&rsquos End and I like the coffee at Costa CoffeeppstrongFavourite restaurant strongbr Mezzo Mezzo for the food and because it holds great memories Goa Portuguesa for seafoodppstrongYour workout regime strongbr Pilates on and off asthenia yoga a few times a weekppstrongYour favourite motto strongbr Get into the other person&rsquos shoes and you will get your answerppstrongGod for you is strongbr The Supreme who is unfailingly there when the going gets tough who you can share your worst fears with who will never think you are greedy if you ask for more who you take for granted to be your troubleshooterhr pp alignrightfont color800000strongDr Jamuna Paistrongbr fontemCosmetologist emp

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